Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Xander dilema

Remember this boy?
This sweet boy?

He has been replaced by Evil Kneivil.
This is not a good thing in my opinion.

Mr. X is quite the character in our family. The boy who started like so quiet and mellow woke up at about 18 months and realized he was a boy and things haven't been the same since.

He in incapable of walking down the stairs... he MUST leap down them. I once literally caught him as he dove off the stairs going to our bedrooms. He was at least 8 steps up! I have no idea why he decided to do that, but the kid is lucky I happened to turn the corner and catch him as he surely would not have come out of that one in good condition.

I used to think the kid had bad luck as he constantly has cuts, bruises and bumps all over his body. I thought his brother and sister were too rough on him or that he was just a delicate kid. I have realized that isn't it at all, he thinks life is a WWF match and he needs to win the shiny gold belt!

Case in point: in the past two days he played "Ninja Spy" with his siblings and sliced open his big toe, he jumped off a car tire (as opposed to merely not climbing on it as it wasn't even in the way and we were going in the house!) and tore up his knee (also some bruising), he has another goose egg on his head from spinning in circles and hitting his head on the corner of a table (I promise I stopped him several times and finally just let him go for it and suffer his own consequences, sigh), and today he was jumping from bed to bed with his brother while his Daddy got dressed for (yet another) weekend of work and hit his leg so hard on the side of the bed that he has a cut, a ton of bruising and some swelling down the leg! He is even limping a bit and I am more than a little worried that he may have cracked a bone!

This boy is all boy, all the time. And yes, that can be fun. And yes, I admire his fearless attitude.
But his is going to give me grey hairs way too soon!

Tonight we had a big talk with Belle and Buddy and have forbade them from running, jumping, wrestling... pretty much all activity besides sitting on the couch and reading until his latest injuries heal up. And even after that we really lectured (I hate lecturing, but this is stressing me out) on the need for them to dial down their, yes fun, but too wild games so Xander doesn't accidentally do permament damage to himself. I don't know what else we can do short of padding the house and tying the boy to a leash. He follows his siblings and frankly, he is too small do attempt a lot of what they do. And he doesn't have nearly the luck they do either.

Take Buddy. I swear, that kid to could get hit by a train and he would walk away without a scratch! But Xander is a different kid and he gets hurt way more than he should.

I'm in a bit of a pickle here. What do I do with an adventurous boy who wants to take on the world but is currently writing checks his body can't cash? How do I get this boy to just chill and not break a leg?

Sigh, and another boy coming too. I am in trouble...
Ah well, in the mean time, anyone have stock in bandaids  and ice packs right now?

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