Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yogurt is Vogue (ert)

Well, you know us nutjobs in Towerland, we always have to be trying something new and entertaining.
This week it was homemade yogurt.

I have been wanting to do this forever, but truthfully... I was just to lazy to try.
I put an end to that this week!
I had a ton of milk in the fridge and the hippy in me was freaking out about needing something homemade and whatnot so yogurt happened.

My friend Katy gave me this recipe:

Click here for the link

And not only did it sound really good, but it made a huge amount which intrigued me.
Katy makes in on the crockpot so I decided to try that out.

Here is a pick of our first homemade yogurt ever in the jar in a cooler segment.

How did it go?
Oh man, I blew it.

I was so excited to see my yogurt the next morning and I pulled it out of the fridge and it tasted awesome and had the consistency of really thick milk or kefir even.

Boo me!

Eventually I figured out that I had the crock pot on too high and killed my yogurt start.

Refusing to waste it, I have been using it for my smoothies (because I like to drink a smoothie a day whenever I want an ice cream fix. Working on healthy substitutions as opposed to just giving in to the munchies. Yet I have still gained 45 pound this pregnancy so far. Whatever.).

But, I refuse to let failure, particularly in the kitchen stop me.
I just needed to regroup.

I decided to dumb this process down for myself and sought out a crock pot specific recipe.

I found this uber easy one here:

Click here to see the link

Let me tell you all the ingredients you will need:
A half gallon of milk (I prefer Reed's Dairy or something with less hormones and whatnot in it because I am like that)
6-8oz (or a half cup) of plain yogurt with active cultures in it. (I went with an organic type and not greek after Katy suggest that)

That is it.

Wow, right?!

It was easy, all the work was basically done in my crock pot and this morning I got to check out my yogurt and found it to be a lovely creamy texture... like yogurt!

A bit runnier, but I am good with that!

Behold, our half gallon jar of yogurt.
For the record, this is not enough for a weeks of yogurt.
We ate nearly all of this tonight with enough for one of us to have more tomorrow and I pulled my start out of it for the next batch that I plan to make very very soon.

It was pretty mild, but plain, so we added honey and fresh raspberries from our garden to jazz our bowls up.
This would make a wonderful sour cream substitute in baking.
A bowl so you can see it some more.
And the kids chowing down.
Sambo is eating his bowl behind them.

Overall, a huge hit in our house!

I plan to make yogurt on a regular basis and experiment with fun flavors and all sorts of neat additions to it.

Just one more thing you can make at home with very few ingredients and hardly any work!

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