Monday, September 13, 2010

Art Class in Towerland

In case you can't tell, I am loving schooling Belle.
Today we hard our art class.
the IDVA curriculum for art is awesome. At first I thought it would be some over the top hoity toity nonsense and I wasn't too sure about it.
But, it isn't!
We talk about different artists, look at some of their work and talk about the SIMPLE things they do to creat art.
Like today, we talked about lines. Curvy lines, zig zags, swirls, thick, thin, long and short... you see where I'm going with this. Just lines. And how lines can be art.

Then, we were supposed to create a pictures with lines in it being used in different ways.
Naturally, all 3 kids wanted to participate in this project and who am I to say no?
Belle wanted to do school upstairs in the kitchen today and I've decided that I'm going to say yes to that sometimes just because I can tell she really likes to have the freedom to change rooms or have a snack (we did our history lesson over slices of pizza today and she was so cute, sitting there all smug eating her pizza and talking about history with me). Anyhow, since we were all upstairs (the boys just ate up this lesson too. Buddy was asking questions and talking about different lines with us and Xander just jabbered away) the kids just got down on the kitchen floor and did their school work.

My little artists creating nature scenes with different kinds of lines.

Belle really focused on hers and made a point to use different lines.

Xander did what 2 year olds do and stripped then drew. I swear to you, I had dressed this boy 3 times already today and at this point I had just given up. He doesn't want to wear clothes, I get it. But the orange diaper and awesome Babylegs make him look so cool, so it is fine.

Buddy was really into this assignment. He loves to draw.

Then, the finished works of art.

I asked X to tell me about this pic and he just jabbered at me. Whatever it is, it rocks.
And I love his super serious face.

Belle drew a volcano like in Pompeii (we keep coming back to it!) only it erupted a long time ago so it is safe now, but there is still lava inside (note the red stuff) and she is on top of it and then her friend (no idea who) is at the bottom. And there is a rainbow because it is an awesome day.

Buddy also drew a volcano, but his was erupting.
And I love his "Nacho Libre" smile here, sigh.

Xander made another picture and wanted me to get it too. I told him to smile and this is what I got. An even better "Nacho Libre" smile. Hee hee.

So, Art class was fantastic today. It was exciting for me not only to have all 3 kinds involved and excited but to also see how other things we have learned are popping into our other subjects.

Another thing to note is my surprise at how patient I am finding myself through this all. I thought for sure I would have to fight to be patient, but instead I am finding I am extra patient through lessons, especially when Belle gets annoyed or irritated (like she does every time she doesn't get 100% on something) and she starts to groan about her work. Those are the moments I thought I would have big problems with, but instead I am finding myself being understanding to her frustrations but set on completing her work and accomplishing the goal of each lesson. I hope I can stay this way because it has been great so far.

And I am seeing a closeness in the kids, especially in the past few days. I'm feeling a lot more harmony in our house and I am seeing the kids spontaneously do kind things for each other. They have always gotten along, but it is more than in the past and that is really wonderful. I love having the kids around all the time.

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  1. Thanks for posting so much about this virtual school. I am really considering doing it with my daughter when she's old enough.