Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clothes washing = Christmas in Towerland

Christmas in September is pretty darn awesome.

A few months back I mentioned that my dryer was dying.
Well, thanks to prayer, a nice hot summer and a clothesline, the dryer has been limping along and I've been grateful.
A short while back I had mentioned to my parents that a new washer and dryer was going to be a need down the road for us and half jokingly said it was on my Christmas list.
I got my Christmas gift early!

Here is our old washer and dryer. They were good to us, but it was time to move on.

Early Monday morning the nice people from Lowes called us telling us they were on their way with our washer and dryer!
I was giddy!
(Did you know Lowes currently will deliver, install and take away your new and old appliances? It is so great.)
The kids kept watch for the truck and let me know when it arrived.

There are my babies, waiting to be unloaded!
I was inside steam mopping the area where they removed my old washer and dryer. Because we all know I will never get back there again to clean.

The nice installers put it all together and even ran a test cycle, bless their hearts.
Then they went away so I could sit and stare at my new best friends.
You need to understand that I have only owned one other brand new appliance in my life (my well loved dishwasher) and this is the first time I got to choose what I really wanted. I nearly had a nervous breakdown doing it because, well, I was overwhelmed with the chance to have something so nice.
But, I am so happy to have them. I do a lot of laundry and I know it is a lot of our power bill. These should cut the bill to a degree.

Pretty much everyone is fascinated with the front loading awesomeness.
I kept finding kids in the laundry room just watching the show.

These two stooges wanted to figure out how to make it work so I had to watch them (especially Mr X) and keep them away from the buttons.

Oh and for those who want to know, I can fit an entire LARGE laundry hamper of clothing in this washer for one load and it is happy about it! And it only takes 20 minutes to dry!

All this laundry took me 3 loads yesterday. That is usually a few days worth of laundry at least with the old dryer.
All of it was done so quickly!

And I even washed my cloth diapers! I was nervous because I had heard mixed reviews on how the front loaders wash cloth, but I think I have a good system for them.

Today I washed all my bedding and then I ran out of things to wash. I considered washing the cat, but I was afraid she would scratch up the inside of the washer, so she got a reprieve.

This is easily the best Christmas ever, thank you mom and dad!

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