Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Edward's first day of preschool

The moment has arrived.

The boy went to preschool for the first time ever today.
It was a big day.

I am sure you can sense the anticipation in his face.

Daddy came home from work just to wish him good luck at school.
Yep, Sam is covering a lot of shifts this week. Oh well, he looks great in his uniform!
And look at Buddy's handsome boy smile!
He picked his outfit too.

I just liked this picture.

You know how it goes around here. The rest of the kids had to have a picture too.
Here is Xander.
Look at that smile of his.

And then the girl needed her pic too!

Our three kids ready to take Mr Edward to school.
I have no idea what Xander was trying to do, but I am sure it was awesome.

And a picture of me with my preschool boy and his baby brother.
Yes, I look awesome, don't be jealous.
And the socks are ultra hip, I know.
I had a dental appt (don't ask, it was lame) so the stress made my feet go all Raynauds-y and frosty so I needed to warm them up.

When we got there I asked Buddy if he wanted me to come in with him or get out of his hair. He told me to get out of his hair. Sigh.

They explored "space" for their first day and I asked him how space was.
He looks at me so very seriously and says, "Mom, it was an exercise room with a giant hot tub. There aren't any hot tubs in space!"

I loved it!

Oh and he was annoyed that he didn't learn to read on his first day. This kid is so very ready to grow up. But I am not so much ready, so time feel free to slow down!

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  1. Kimber, I think the thing that you and I might have the most in common is that we get some kind of perverse pleasure out of putting up pictures of ourselves that other women never would. Because we're secure in our femininity, yo.

    Your munchkins are so cute. Including the one in your tummy.