Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Fun Day: Homecoming Weekend!

Yep, Friday Fun Day time.
This one was great as per usual.

It started later than usual, but that didn't make it less awesome.
This week is Homecoming week at Rigby High School, so we went to the Homecoming Parade!

Here is a shot of the kids watching for the parade to start.

The beginning of the parade.

Now remember, this is a small town so this parade isn't really fancy. But we aren't there for the fancy, we are there for the kids to enjoy themselves and of course the candy!

This float was my favorite.
A bunch of kids on a trampoline that was moving down the road.
Because that sounds like a safe plan.
Only in a small town.
(And for the record I wanted to jump on the trampoline.)
The boys were very intent on their candy.
This morning Buddy collected bags just for the candy and checked on them throughout the day.
He did have the blue bag Xander is holding (the one I made for him, awww), but Xander got offended and bless my big boy, he just gave it to Xander for the parade so his little brother wouldn't be sad.
It makes me happy that my kids are learning to give to each other and to be kind.

This is the Rigby mascot.
The Trojan.
I *could* talk about the teen pregnancy rate in Rigby (particularly in past years), but I shall refrain.
I will merely chuckle at the irony.

This is always my favorite part of the parade. Standing by my Sambo while he works. I know you've heard me say it before, but I'll say it again. One of the few perks to this job is that we get to stand by a police car by Daddy during a parade. I love it so very much.
And the kids are always so darling, wanting to follow their Daddy around the entire time.

I also like to watch random women flirt with the hubs. Gives me a chuckle on the inside. It also reminds me of the ladies who went on and on to me a few years back about the officer they called "The Hot Cop" in Rigby. Turned out by the end of their story they were talking about Sam. I love teasing him about that.

Uh oh.
The Hot Cop doesn't like the paparazzi taking his pic anymore.

I'd better skidaddle!

So, we went home after the parade and cleaned up our back yard, put away some summer toys, picked up fallen yucky apples... boring stuff for all.
But necessary and it made me happy.
I was cleaning up my house as some friends are coming into town this weekend and it would be nice to have a semi-presentable home. For the record, every single room in my house is clean. Not immaculate mind you (like I'm going to work THAT hard), but clean.

Then Big Daddy got home. Woot!

So, we loaded up the kids and went into town. We were planning to get Angelina Jolie the minivan's oil changed, but we got into town too late, boo.
So instead we picked up some fruits and veggies (because honestly, I just love to have fresh fruit and veggies  and we blaze through our Bountiful Basket lately) and then I had a hot deal on canned veggies so I got 72 cans of green beans and corn (total, not each) for $6. Don't be jealous, but it was awesome.

Then, the rest of Friday Fun Day hit.
Just so you know, the kids chose this.

First they wanted to look at Halloween costumes at Walmart. We weren't buying (I want to wait for some sales if I can), but they could look and tell us what they liked.  We found a toddler police officer uniform that Xander wanted and the odds are good that I'll be going back to Walmart for it.
It was a lot of fun to see the kids look at costumes and tell us what they thought about each one.

Finally, we took them inside a gas station (not sure if they have ever been inside one to be honest) and we let them choose a drink for under a dollar each.

Guess what we got?


The heathens flocked to the Icee machine and they had these for $.99 each so there you go.
Belle went for grape.

Xander proved once again that he is so my kiddo by snubbing the grape and going for the cherry.
(Grape, blech.)

Buddy dove on the grape.

Sam wasn't going to get any.
Then he tried a sip of Buddy's and being a sucker for grape drinks (seriously BLECH!), he had to have one too, lol.

Apparently Sam can't hold his Icee.

Well, They had Mountain Dew Icee.
Don't you judge me.
It has been too long.

Of course it is after midnight and I am not even close to tired and I have to be up to help run my Bountiful Baskets site before 7am so I am probably going to pay for this tomorrow, but it was worth it.

Oh and don't be jealous of how round my face is getting. I swear I gain 10 pounds in my chin(s) alone when I'm pregnant.

So, we drank our Icees all the way home and talked to each other and just enjoyed being together.
Then we got home, had some dinner and tossed a pile of kids into bed.

Another Friday Fun Day in the bag.

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