Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fun Day Lives on through the fall!

Summer is gone and that is sad.

But Friday Fun Day has decided to live on! Yay!

I asked Belle the other day if she wanted to keep Friday Fun Day through the school year and she said yes. So, yesterday I went into her school schedule (be patient, I will do a post after this about that kind of stuff) and tweaked it so she only has one class on Friday and the rest of the day is ours! I also made a point to not schedule piano lessons on Friday so we could have this day together.

Today was a pretty simple Fun Day, but a good one.

First we went out to the Liberty Montessori (formerly Jefferson Montessori). Sam teaches karate there and I am going to do a few piano lessons (my group lessons) for elementary age kids. I won't be doing a lot because frankly, I don't think I am physically capable of a lot right now and I need to be careful not to add a ton to our life. But, since I am doing this and Sam is doing karate our kids get to do all of the elective classes at the Montessori (and their field trips) for either free or a nominal charge for certain ones! (Those of you who worry for my kids and their social time, you can let go of that breath you were holding, lol.) And while I teach my kids will be in the classroom for a bit. It will get us out of the house AND double as our Friday Fun Day activities a lot. Yay!

After that we went to the park (I loved being the only people there for awhile, another bonus!) and played tennis together. Belle did pretty good and I want to get her some tennis lessons down the road. Buddy and X pretty much lobbed and chased balls and were happy to be running around and I attempted to not waddle. It was pretty fun.

Later in the day when X had finished his nap the kids wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa so we went over and hung out and the boys tried to demolish a hammock and croquet set. Pretty normal.

We drove into town and got Daddy a HAPPY treat since he found out today he has to cover shifts this weekend (another weekend of fun we had planned totally thrown out the window... I am trying to find the positive but I'm too round and tired to do it today. Maybe tomorrow.) and then we came home.

We ended it with Belle getting to watch a tv show by herself, Buddy and Daddy having a "father daughter date" (Belle and Sam have those and Buddy wanted one too. I have unsuccessfully worked to call it something more... appropriate. Oh well.) and Xander and I looked at a fabric catalog. He pointed to fabrics and said, "do you want this one?" and I would respond and then he would tell me if it was pretty or not. We did that until she curled up and said, "Mommy, I want to sleep now... in YOUR bed!"
That got him an extra hug and off we went for sleepy time... in HIS bed. We're working hard to help him stay in his bed before baby brother shows up. Because our bed can only fit so many interlopers and the new kiddo is going to need his place of honor!

So, not a fancy Friday Fun Day, but a fun one. I can't wait for Friday Fun Day year round!

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