Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun Day: IDVA, Xander's Club, Pizza and a Slumber Party!

Another Friday, another Fun Day.

I have learned something very important about Friday Fun Day. By virtue of me calling it that, everything really is extra fun.

I get a lot of questions about what this Friday Fun Day is all about. This is my nutshell of it:

First off, this was primarily a summer thing, but since Belle is doing the virtual academy, we decided we would just keep it going year round. Why not?

But, if you have kids in traditional school, this really is a summer thing, but it is a great summer thing.

We do our schoolwork, our chores and we treat each other nicely all week. Well, we try.

Then, when Friday comes, we get out our list (we make a list every so often; beginning of summer, etc) and we choose what we are going to do. Sometimes I play Supreme Friday Fun Day Dictator and I just pick what we are going to do. Because that is how it needs to be. Either way, we pick, we go, we do, we FUN.

The kids live for it around here.

That is the gist of it, I think it is worth doing. We occasional do a Saturday Super Day, but usually just a Friday Fun Day.

If you watch your community events you can do most of these on the cheap for the record. Being particularly broke this summer, that is what we did.

Anyhow, on to today;

First, we had another IDVA activity. It happens a few times a month and is FREE and all the kids can do it! It is a gym day at the IF athletic club.
Belle has been looking forward to this day for weeks.
The boys are just here for the party.

So, we get to the athletic club for our gym hour with other kids.
Buddy saw the balls, the volleyball net and he was over the moon.

I took a few pics so you could see his joy. I know they are crappy, but you can still tell he is so excited. This boy LOVES sports.

He was running and playing and trying to keep up with the older boys. It was pretty cute.

Then the main instructor for the gym time did stretches and all that good stuff.

Next they organized the kids in K-2 and 3-6 and then the pre K went to another area to play.
Buddy was of course about to be sent to the pre K and he (mostly) politely put his foot down on that idea.
He said, "I am this many (holding up 5 fingers)! I am old enough to be here with the big kids! I don't want to be with the babies!"
So, he got to stay with the K-2. It was rather hilarious and I was grateful to the adult who was cool with him staying with them. He did great for the record.

Here are the kids playing British Bulldog.
Belle is in the purple, her friend Rachael (am I spelling that right?) is on the left end and Buddy is in the green. See how short he is, hee hee. But he was loving it.

Xander was himself and did not want to go into a room without me (they have glass walls so he could have seen me, but still, we would have been apart. But this lovely woman from the athletic club befriended him and played ball with him and he and little Eliza (my friend Katy's littlest baby) and another little one played with her happily away from their mama's for nearly the entire hour. I love that woman. Anyone who Xander will grab by the hand and drag around is someone I adore.

I asked X to smile for me. This is what I got.

At the end the older kids played Shark with the parachute. It was rather adorable.

Here is the nice lady who loved on X and Eliza. She is my new favorite person. Xander talked about her the entire drive home. She is the "girl who is nice with the ball." Love it.

After our gym time I had to pick something up at Sam's Club, ahem, I mean Xander's Club. Yes, we have renamed it. Everytime I try to say Sam's Club within Xander's little ears he gets all huffy and corrects me. Not sure what we will do when he is old enough to read the sign on the store.

Anyhow, Buddy was thirsty and I was wanting to get in and get out.
But sometimes Friday Fun Day is about fun on the fly.

So I got what I needed and then we got the Hot Dog special for $1.50. Giant hot dog and giant drink for the 4 of us to share.

We needed the break.
And I was starving and hadn't realized it!

Then we had to head home as I had a quick music thing to do.
But, dinner! And Daddy! He had to work late (again, I know, again) so the kids suggested a Little Ceasars Hot and Ready pizza for $5.
Why not?

But to make it special, I went in and paid and then went back to the car and Belle went in and got the pizza by herself. Big moment, I should have taken a picture.

We drove home and called Daddy to tell him we had pizza just for him!

I know, he looks so overjoyed.

He was tired and hungry and only got to stop by for a little bit and then had to hurry back to work.

During my music thing the friend I was working with brought some of his kiddos so my kids got to play. Heaven, absolute heaven.

And then bedtime.

Or was it?

Well, for me, I had an engagement to get to. A night of fun on my own. But, as these things tend to go around here, Sam was still working. So I sighed and put on my jammies instead. Another time.

But the kids had more planned too. Earlier in the week they had asked to have a slumber party with their daddy in the playroom. Just Buddy, Belle and Daddy. Daddy agreed to it, so it was ON.

When he got home.  The eternal issue in this house. I just crossed my fingers on this one.

**Sidenote: We don't do sleepovers with other people's kids. Ever. And our kids won't go to them either. Not at this age, and probably  not at any time before they are black belts in karate. Our kids, our rules. But we do a have plan for when that time comes and it is awesome. Just sayin'...***

So I tucked every kid in their bed and got X to sleep. Then I got the older kids out of bed and sent them to clean my living room, the playroom and the kitchen. I have never heard Buddy say, "this is the funnest night ever" whilst cleaning until tonight.

After it was all clean, I opened up the hide a bed and put their sleeping bags out on it while they picked a movie to watch.

Right now it is 10pm. Daddy got home a bit ago. I heated up the leftover pizza and this is what is happening in the playroom:

2 happy kids and a Daddy who love to hang out. 
I am tired and I think I'll be sneaking up to bed in a second here. After all, someone needs to be in my bed waiting for when Mr. X stumbles in wanting to cuddle.

This is officially the longest Friday Fun Day ever. But I think it is the kids favorite (right now at least).

Good night.

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  1. Love it! We have the same slumber-party rules. You are not alone!

    p.s. If all goes as planned, my older boys should be black belts in 3 years (advanced to high white belts tonight!). But there still will be no slumber parties, except maybe with Grandmama...