Saturday, September 18, 2010

Horses for the (almost) 8 year old

Birthdays are awesome.
And 8th birthdays are a big deal here in Towerland.

First off, we've never had one in our family before! Second, our girl is getting so big!

So, we wanted to do something special for her.
When I was a girl I collected Breyer horses. I loves them so much and really spent a lot of time playing with them. They have been stored with us for about 9 years now and Sam and I decided they would make a great present for Isabelle for her birthday.

I know, we have a few weeks, but we were cleaning our the shops today and it seemed like a good time to get them out and get it done.

Sam fed the kids lunch while I put them together. And maybe played a bit.

All my horses in their barns.

These are the horses the boys can play with as they are dinged up a bit.

As you can see, I have a lot of horses. A lot of breeds and a lot of age ranges. I loved these horses so much growing up.

Of course, there were a few that are just too valuable to allow them into the general population.

My Roy Grandparents found these for me at an auction. I put them away safe and sound.

This is Misty's Twilight. She is a limited edition and my very favorite horse. I put her away.

I even had a few in the box still! They are still in the box.

We brought the kids up in the afternoon to see Belle's horses.

The kids were in awe of them.

I won't lie, I wanted to jump in and tell them to be careful and not bump them and all sorts of stuff... but they aren't mine anymore.
I gave them to Isabelle today and now she gets to take care of them. I hope she does. But, if one gets broken, I will hold back the sobs and remember these are just toys.

Belle has already rearranged the stables her way, hee hee. I love it.

There you go, we got Belle a pony farm for her birthday.


  1. I remember you as a horse girl in 5th grade, with Tiffany Grant and Tiffany Snell/Shell??? Playing horses at recess and galloping around the Iona Elementary with reckless abandon. Teehee.

  2. Wow. Did *that* just take me back to 4th grade! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!