Friday, September 10, 2010

Idaho Virtual Academy week 2 (well 3 really)

A weekly update on it.

The holiday totally messed me up. One upside to the program is I can add the "free days" in the computer. I forgot to add in Monday (Labor Day) and that put us behind this week, argh! We are catching up but it is taking a bit. I may add another free day in to counteract the free day I missed.

Belle had Ballroom this week. It was swing dancing. She loved it. I saw her making new friends and having a blast and it made me happy. The boys and I wandered the library during her class. It was a lot of fun.

I am working on setting up some IDVA activities here in the city. No, I am not taking on a huge project (because Sam would be very upset with me and as it is he is not thrilled) but I want to enrich the experience more if I can.

Belle's school schedule meshes so nicely with Buddy's preschool schedule. We get him off to school, start her school and she is finished or nearly finished when I pick him up. Love it. The other day she begged me to let her stay home and babysit Xander while I got Buddy. It is less than a mile and at most takes 10 minutes so I went for it. Other than her calling me a billion times it went great. She is so responsible.

I did notice she whined a lot about doing school this week. I think the holiday really threw both of us off. But I am not easily swayed by whining, so she gave that up pretty quick. Today we worked on the scientific method and that was fun. Also worked on her spelling. She is really good at spelling! It was all fun.

I also got to talk to a checker at Albies about it. She was surprised to see Belle out of school in the middle of the day and I explained IDVA to her. This lady is doing college online and so she and I talked about how great it is and how it is a wonderful way to learn. Pretty fun.

Alright, short and sweet. Didn't get a lot of questions this week, that was good. But I will say there is a huge difference in reactions when you tell someone your child is attending a public charter school that is held online instead of just saying you do school at home. The former goes over a lot better.

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