Friday, September 17, 2010

IDVA sends us to the zoo! Wooooo!

We had a really fun activity with IDVA this week.

They did their back to school activity at the zoo! (And guess what, it was free for our entire family! Seriously!)

So, We hurried and got our schoolwork done Thursday morning so we could go and enjoy our day.

There were a lot of families there, and a few that I knew but didn't realize they were also using IDVA for their schooling. That was pretty exciting!

First things first, the kids had to stay right next to me, which made me very stressed. But I recognized some individuals from Sam's job that we needed to not be close to (ah, the glamour that is our life...) Belle and Buddy are old enough to know my serious voice and were really good at staying close and keeping Xander close. That was helpful because I debated going home, but the kids had worked so hard all week for this and I can't let the job and the people in the job ruin their fun. We just have to work around it.

Anyhow, so off we went.

This was the kids looking at the ducks, geese, pelicans, swans...

That was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time there.

Xander is my little farmer in the making and he kept feeding this kid and it kept coming back!
It was pretty cute.

Now, this was in the petting zoo area. I have decided that only weirdness occurs in petting zoos as everytime I am near one something totally odd occurs.
This time was no different.

So lady who was also pregnant is semi-nearby. I saw her, but did not make eye contact and was sticking with my kids. It was our  time. But she was not so much in that frame of mind apparently.
She trots on over and DEMANDS to know when I am due.
I said my polite response I always use that the baby would show up before Christmas.

So she says, "Oh, in December. What day in December?"
Mmmmkay... I don't why it matters unless she is hiding pillows under that maternity shirt and is hoping to makes friends and steal my baby when it is due ala the crazy ladies we've seen on the news over the years. (I kid... kind of. She had crazy eyes.)

So I less politely tell her I have no idea what day, but I'm sure it will be before Christmas.

So she says, "didn't your doctor tell you? Or are you not seeing a doctor? You have to know."

At this point she is not just being nosey, but she is in my personal space bubble and that does not work for me so I just tell her the baby doesn't have an expiration date like milk and smile and quickly haul the kids to the opposite side of the zoo.

People, maybe I'm crazy, but if someone doesn't give you details when you first ask, then they don't want to tell you for whatever reason. Please, don't be that person, especially to a total stranger.

So, back on to the animal attractions...

I know what you are thinking.

No, Sam couldn't come with us. He had to work. I can understand the confusion.

Seriously, Sam wasn't there.

(For the record, Sam knows I wrote that.)

This was one of Xander's fave parts of the zoo.
The beloved Lion drinking fountain.
He ran over, licked that germy thing up and down I swear (seriously, kids and their fountain drinking habits freak me out) and right when I took this picture, she licked his lips, and said, "Thank you Lion!" for the drink.
It was adorable.

Insert clever comment. I got nothin'.

The kids looking at a crane. Xander was freaking out over the bird, very funny.

Buddy asked if we could "take the kitty home". Um... we have plenty of pets thanks. And I doubt this one would survive the wrath of June Cleaver.

Thwarted photo op. I was about to click the pic and Isabelle yells to the boys, "I found the lion! Hurry!" and Buddy was done with the photo op. Boo.

But X stayed...

...until he got thirsty again and had to have some more "lion juice". Okaaaaay.

The real lion.
This was very exciting for the kids.

Around now was the time we all met for the IDVA stuff. That was fun. Then I saw the time and had to rush the kids home because I had piano student! Argh!

The kids were not happy that we had to leave. Can you tell by the nice picture they let me take of them?

Proof I was there too. And that I smile like a moron when I am walk/running after my 2 year old.

All in all it was a fun FREE activity.


  1. i'm sorry but if you were to ask me what the main point of this post was i would say, "lion balls" LOL.... i'm so juvenile.

  2. oh yeah and "FREE!"... huh huh, "free lion balls"... i'm sorry i'll stop now

  3. rotfl at your post... and at kiley's comment.
    "free lion balls"