Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Isabelle's 1st Achievement Day (sniffle)

This is a huge month for us.
Tvs in closets.
Toy horses with barns.
So much I can't even list it all!

But this month is a lot of big stuff for Isabelle.
And this is another Isabelle thing.

Today Belle got to go to her first Achievement Day.
Okay, I will try to explain.
When girls turn 8 at our church instead of being scouts or something fancy like that, we do Achievement Days where they get together and do something fun or achieve-y.
You could roll your eyes and call it lame, but I call it a chance for her to go out with other girls, have some fun and adventure and be a little girl instead of being my best pal (and honestly, she probably needs the break from me, sniffle). I think it is awesome.

It is a nice little program and our congregation has some wonderful people who hang with the girls.
I am a fan.

This was special because Belle got to go 1 week before she turns 8!
I may have begged the primary president a little bit, but she had mercy on my girl and let her go early.

So, today was a big deal.
Belle spent the entire day just waiting to be picked up.
There were clothes changing events, hair brushing, discussions on shoes.
They were going on a hike so these things did matter. (Of course I forgot to send her with her water... again. I always forgot the water!)

Our primary president (my friend Marie) came and got her as she was going on this particular activity too.

Now, Marie has known me long enough to know I'm going to take a picture and record this memory and so she was a good sport. Bless that woman!

And see how happy Isabelle looks! She was over the moon!
Oh and Ada loves Marie so of course she was in the shot too.

So, off they went.
Here is a testament to how much I love my congregation: I only worried a little bit about Isabelle.
And every time I did worry I would just say to myself, "she is with people I trust who have cell phones." And then I was okay.

(Roll your eyes at me all you want, but I have embraced the fact that I am an involved parent who cares about where my kids are, who they are with and what they are doing. My kids are my favorite humans on this earth.)

And of course she was fine.
She got back a few hours later and after I got the scoop from Marie about how much fun she had, she told me all of it again.

She had the BEST time.

She buddied up to another darling girl from church who in my heart I knew would be good friends with her (and I am thrilled because I find this little girl so very adorable and sweet... and she does school at home too!).

She hiked.

She played in a creek with bare feet.

She rode a zip line.

She scratched her arm (but that was awesome because her friend scratched her leg and that makes them friends for life or sisters or something)

She shared her friend's water (Argh! Kimber! Remember to send children with liquids!)

She got to be the last girl dropped off so she could see where all the other kids lived (for the record, Marie made her week by doing this. My girl loves to know where people live so she can... know. It was a little thing but it made her so happy.).
Overall, she had a super fantastic time and felt so grown up and was just the happiest girl on earth.

Another big deal for my Isabelle. And it was wonderful. She totally passed out tonight from all the hiking but she was SO HAPPY.

Now people, we are 1 week away from her birthday.
Can it get any cooler?
Honestly, no.

But we plan to try. In the traditional cheapo, no big party, just our family way, we really will try.

I love this girl of mine.
But it hurts just a bit to see how big she is getting.
But I can't seem to find a way to stop it. Sigh.
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  1. She really is a sweetie. I love it that you wrote down all these thoughts. I wish scouts was as fun as getting "achieve-y"