Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday school happenings

Some shots of our school on Monday.
Belle wanted to do school upstairs, so we did. We can move our classroom anywhere!

Xander was doing his "2 year old school". He was coloring some pictures while she did history.

Funny tidbit about the history lesson.
We were talking about ancient Rome, their Republic and how women couldn't vote.
Belle got all up in arms about this and just shouted at me, "Why would men not let WOMEN vote?! Women do EVERYTHING! They clean, cook, take care of the money, answer the phone, remember stuff, take care of kids... all men do is turn on the tv as soon as the mom leaves and then says it was only on for a little bit but it was on the entire time!"

(Oh Sam. You are so very very busted. And by your own daughter too. That's gotta sting.)

I am not certain what Xander was doing here, but I know it involved shoving as many crayons into his sock as he could and then pulling them out and jumping around corners yelling, "You're under arrest!"

I sometimes wonder what the kids would do if their dad were an accountant or worked in sales.

Then art class.
We painted landscapes with watercolors.
It went pretty uneventfully other than Buddy starting with a painting of Rigby Lake with it ending with a rocket landing there.

There you have it. A few events in school. And that was just Monday!
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