Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Special Moment: Karate Edition

**Sometimes our kids do or say interesting things. I post it on facebook or other places, but some are too cute/funny/emotionally disturbing for me to not post here. I shall call them SPECIAL MOMENTS from now on. **



Special moment for today: 

Some men from church (those in the MO know call them Home Teachers) stop by and as we are talking, karate comes up. I am talking about how well disciplined the art is and how my kids take the class and my well mannered, well spoken daughter blurts out, "Once I kicked a boy in the NUTS!" All I could do is look to the heavens and in a silent prayer say, "Well Lord, you entrusted her to ME. Surely you had to see that one coming."

At least we all know Isabelle can take care of herself. Sigh.

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