Monday, September 13, 2010

The Towerland Menagerie

I give up.
We are officially opening up a petting zoo.
Well, you can't pet all the exhibits here.

Last week one of our friends who is moving (hubs is a military man, woo!) came by with their fish and the tank. Seems they found the idea of moving cross country with a water filled suitcase prohibitive.

We all know the Towers are suckers for all animals needing a home, so they landed here.
And, I love them!

Meet "Xander" (the orange and white one that Xander named), "Sam" (the orange one that Buddy named) and "Tiny" (Belle got the short end of the stick and the sucker fish was hers to name and you can't really see it, sorry).
Our new fish.

So far they are adapting well. No walking, little cleaing (Tiny is doing the heavy lifting for us there) and they like to stay put. Perfect.

Now, how are the other animals reacting?

Well, June has been trying to find a fishing pole.

Ada reacts the same way to all animals, she loves them then she sits on the couch.

And Alice has never met them.

Ah yes, Alice.

She is our mouser outside now.
Turns out she didn't like June's attitude and started marking her territory in Isabelle's room. I gave her a day or so to change her ways (and watched her use the litterbox religiously) and whenever June got mean she would go potty in Belle's room. I can't clean carpet that much, I don't do cat urine on carpet and I know you can't really fix that issue when it is a cat hating cat thing (and I don't have the patience, truth be told), so Alice got a new bedroom in one of our shops, complete with a lovely view of the backyard from her soft bed.

It works for us. And June is happy, let me tell you. Pretty sure that cat wants to keep things the way they are around here. Sure hope she likes the baby (because she won't last long otherwise...).

There you have it, we are a zoo. Literally.

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