Friday, September 3, 2010

An unexpected bonus

I think I've made it pretty clear that I love this Idaho Virtual Academy.
I wanted to mention a bonus to it we didn't fully appreciate until today.

Today, Sam had to cover a shift and he has to cover a shift this weekend (meh). This means less Daddy time and if you will recall, it has been a busy few months and we have had a lot of Daddy having to work extra time going on. We miss him.

During the school years in the past, Belle would often not see her Daddy when stuff like this happened and I remember a few rough nights last year where she would just sit in her room and cry because her Daddy had been working his regular shift and then covering shifts or had been called out (plus doing the extra jobs he does to help us out financially) and she would see him walk in the door and back out (if that) and that was all she would see of him for a week at a time because she was at school and he was at work and the two never caught up with each other.

It would just kill Sam and me.

She would often pray that Daddy would not have to work and it made me sad.

But take this weekend. Daddy came home during lunch and took time to sit with his kiddos and hug on them because he knows we won't see him a lot over the weekend.

She got her Daddy time in and so she will be more likely to be happy and cheerful tomorrow when she misses him.
If she had been in away from home at school she would not have had that time and it would have been a rough weekend for all of us. That girl loves her daddy.

Sam doesn't have a traditional schedule and school at home gives us the chance to have a little more family time around his time table. For us, that is a huge deal and another way that this is blessing our family right now.

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