Thursday, October 7, 2010

1 month of school at home

I'm sure some of you are wondering how it is going.

I love it. I mean, really love it. We don't have rushes and fighting in the morning and mad dashes to the school.

No lice outbreaks here.

Progress wise we are 10-15% through with our schoolwork for the 2nd grade and the goal is 6%. (But this is partially because we are trying to be a little ahead so when the newest Tower shows up and mama needs to take it easy we won't fall behind. I'm a thinker you know.)

My kids... are becoming better friends. Don't get me wrong, they will still beat the crap out of each other when given the chance like any normal kid, but I am seeing a change in their relationship that I really love.

Daddy gets to see all 3 of his kiddos more and we did not realize what a big deal that was to our family until we saw the happiness Belle is getting from it. That alone is making IDVA worth it.

I am taking such a role in her education and I love it. She thanked me earlier this week for teaching her how to "carry the one" in math and it made my day.

We can do school in my bedroom while I fold clothes. That is awesome.

Her reading skills are really great. I got her a Nancy Drew book at the library yesterday, not knowing if it would be too much for her or not, but she is enjoying it so far and that makes me happy!

But, of course there are some areas we need to improve on.

I am finding myself becoming grouchy some days when we don't start on time. That is a me thing and I know it. It is probably 80% crazy pregnancy stuff and 20% me being too uptight about starting late. To a degree it is good to stay structured, but I  need to not let it ruin my day and become Momzilla.

I also have guilt issues when the phone rings during school and I ignore it. I feel like a jerk for not answering the phone. But, that is also a me thing. We are in school and just because it is at home it doesn't mean it is less important. And people who are my friends will not be mad that I don't answer at that time.

Belle is whining here and there (man does she loathe handwriting, but it is necessary) but that I'm actually good with for the most part. I go to my happy place and turn up the Love and Logic and let her whining become white noise. It works great and eventually Belle realizes her whining is doing nothing other than prolonging the inevitable and she gives up and does her schoolwork.

Some people have asked me how "hard" it is to teach her and if I'm getting burnt out.

I'm going to be square with you.
I am totally burnt out right now. But it has nothing to do with school. It has everything to do with not being able to put socks on without nearly throwing my back out, the return of the never ending heartburn and the non-sleep I'm getting. All of which I am grateful for because it means that this baby is growing like he should, but still, it is wearing me out.
At the same time, if I can do school at home and be a mostly happy and sane person while reaching spectacularly whale like proportions then I know it is going to be even more fun when I can tie my own shoes again.

I have a few things I'm doing to keep that from taking me to the crazy place more than once a week.
1. The routine.
Oh I love the routine. Breakfast, school, lunch, Xander naptime/other kid quiet time/my "me time", snacks, piano, bedtime, and finally my hang out with Sammy time (when he is actually home). On the Sam being home note... dear world, I know you all love Sam, either for crime solving or for hanging out. But here is the deal: I married him, not you. Go hang out with your spouse and do something legal. And if you don't have a spouse... go get one. Or a puppy. I don't care which. (Yes I did just write that, I'm that sick and tired of him feeling guilty and doing all this extra stuff and being too exhausted to even have a conversation with me. I can only pretend his snores are his special way of expressing interest for so long. Besides, I never have time to go out and occasionally I get sick of it. I could use some social time too.)

2. Food.
It does a lot for me right now.

3. Remembering what matters.
Sammy and the heathens. The rest really means a whole lot of nothin' in my world.

So there you go. School is still good. I love it very much.

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