Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bruiser Tower Rides Again!

Oh this child of mine.

I swear, if Xander didn't have bad luck he would have no luck at all!
The kid is constantly maiming himself.

Tonight was an awesome one.
It was rather chilly today so we started our traditional "Hot Cocoa Drives". This is where we eat our dinner and then get our hot cocoa going in our spill proof containers and pile into the car (dog and all) for a drive while we sip cocoa and talk to each other.
The kids love it and Sam and I do too. We used to also do "Hot Cocoa Walks" but I can barely make it up stairs right now (the old grey mare is not what she used to be, hee hee) and plus now that I know cold is mucho baddo for me we tend to just stick with the warm car.

So, we had our drive and when the cocoa was gone we came home.
The kids were getting out of the car, all was lovely and Xander decides to try to climb up to the front seat and talk to me...

and belly flopped right onto the cup holder. Fortunately(?) his mouth broke his fall.

Poor kid.

He has a good cut and a fat lip.
I got a few pictures of it.

Just as one head wound is healing, he goes for a second.
I have warned him that he is running out of places on his head to injure himself.


Xander is so sad and Buddy is so happy to be in the picture.
And look at how their eyes are the same shade of blue.

All 3 kids.
They were all smiling so nice and then right as I took the picture the monsters did this.
Go figure.

So, the entire time I was taking these pics X was begging for a bandaid.
Well, we all know there isn't much point to a bandaid on your lip unless you are hoping to choke on it.
Obviously Sam and I said no and we all went upstairs for bedtime.
Then Xander disappeared.

He returned a few minutes later acting very smug.

That is right.
The kid found a (used) bandaid, most likely in the playroom trash since the kids are obsessed with bandaids and it seems like there is a small mountain of used ones in the trash in there and he put it on his lip.

Hee hee.

I talked him out of that one, barely.

Either way, keep your fingers crossed that Bruiser here can abstain from anymore injuries for awhile.
This kid...

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  1. Oh dear, the used band-aid . . . on his lip . . . I am laughing my head off right now!