Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bruiser Tower

Ah Xander.

I love this kid.
But he appears to be on a mission to permanently scar himself before he turns 3.

It doesn't help that he feels he MUST do everything his brother and sister do and frankly, he tries to write checks his body can't cash and they tend to bounce.

Speaking of bouncing...

Saturday we were getting done with our Bountiful Baskets for the day and Buddy was playing on the front steps of the school. So Xander of course was copying him and bouncing back and forth just like his brother.
I was talking to the people about letting the boys run around and how they get hurt, etc.
(See, this is one area where I am a free range parent. Xander kicks his own butt all the time and while I do make the kids simmer down when I fear broken bones, I tend to let them hurt themselves so they can learn their limitations and figure out how to do something without serious harm. It mostly works out. But not always.)

Anyhow, while I'm talking X jumps up on a ledge just like his brother, only the Tigger-like bouncing he does has a bit too much momentum and he bounces right off the ledge, head first onto a bit old rock.

And all is still.

I am holding my breath waiting to see how bad this is going to be.
And he comes up, bleeding.

He starts wailing.
I worry that he is super hurt until he shows me why he is crying: His candy that was in his hand is all covered in dirt and he is angry about it.

Nevermind the bloody face, the candy is the priority here!

So I get him inside and we clean him up. I show him his face in the mirror and he grins and says, "Wow! Cool!"

Such a boy.

Here are a few shots I got of his face when we got home.

He was totally proud of his owie.

Look at that grin!
And that shiner!
What a tough boy!

That stinking cut bled all day! I had to keep replacing the band aids! But it quite and scabbed up eventually and now he looks, well, pretty bad still, but it is cool and he likes to show off his owie.

Honestly, this boy needs to realize he isn't Superman.
But he really is very tough. Just like his sister and brother.

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  1. Wow that's a nasty one! How funny he was crying about his candy!