Saturday, October 23, 2010

First "Official" Daddy Daughter Date

This week Isabelle and Sambo had a Daddy Daughter Date at church.
Now we have been doing these years just as our own deal, but this was extra awesome for her because it was all organized and "fancy".

It was a Hawaiian theme so I made her a skirt and hair thingy for the occasion.

Then I took pictures OF COURSE. Truthfully I was needing to get her "school" picture taken too so now I've killed 2 birds, yay for me!

This is a shot of her hair thingy. It isn't amazing, but I didn't have a ton of time. 
And of course we got some shots of her with her date.

These pics were taken after I begged Sam for the love of all that was holy to just attempt to look gleeful.
Le sigh.

While Belle was super excited, not everyone in Towerland was loving this Daddy Daughter Date night. 

Buddy: Mom, can I go on the Daddy Daughter Date too?
Me: No honey, you need to hang with me.
Buddy: I can be a daughter too. Please?
Me: Sorry, not this time (and I was trying not to smile).

And so he does THIS:

Then the famous rant of his how he wants Daddy Daughter dates too (yes we have told him it would be more appropriately titled "Father Son time", he prefers the former apparently) and the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Sam felt bad so he did this:

So Xander just had to join in on the wailing and tried to climb into Sambo's arms too.

Somehow I pried the boys off their dad and Sam and Belle escaped out the door (and had a fabulous time for the record).

I turned the frowns upside down with a special treat. Ice cream with SPRINKLES! And they got to put the sprinkles on themselves! What a fantastic night!

Now we are happy!

Boy Buddy can turn the waterworks on and off. Little faker.

And then I put them to bed nice and early and had a lovely time being in a quiet house and pretending to sleep.

Belle came home elated and Sam had a great time and once again I am just so grateful for the people at our church who are just plain wonderful.


  1. She looks beautiful. She IS beautiful. Good genetic combo, you two!

  2. SO sweet! Your family is beautiful!

  3. I love how he wants to be a daughter too--your kids are hilarious!