Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Fun Day: Cheesy Poofs edition

Who would have thought that a giant bucket of Cheesy Poofs could make a Friday Fun Day?
Actually, I did.

Sam is allergic to these (of course) so I buy them about once a never.
But the kids adore them. In fact they get downright rabid about anything like them.
I have wondered if they are dusted with crack or something based on my kids' NEED for these things whenever we see them.

Anyhow, we were at Sam's Club yesterday. Oh, sorry, XANDER'S CLUB. What was I thinking?
I needed a few bulk items like sugar and other raw goods.
We were planning to watch a movie with Daddy for Friday Fun Day and the kids wanted a special treat.
We stumbled onto this giant bucket o' junk food and the kids used their big sad eyes on me and I was tired... so I caved.

And there was joy in the land.
Buddy told about 20 people that we "hit the jackpot" on treats. It was rather hilarious.

Later on that night when we got all of our work done we sat down and watched "How to Train Your Dragon" together.
And the kids age Cheesy Poofs. Sam ate marshmallows instead.
It was a pretty darling movie, at least we all loved it.
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