Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friday Fun Day: Halloween Town!

This was easily Buddy's favorite Friday Fun Day in ages.
That boy loves Halloween. I mean, he really loves it. We discuss Halloween at least once a week the entire year and as we get closer and closer and all the catalogs for costumes who up in the mail, he just gets happier and happier about the coming fun.

So this Friday Fun Day was really for him in a lot of ways.

First off, we cleaned the living room.
This lasted about 1 hour, but it was a very tidy hour.
I need to say that I adore my red couch that fits a billion people and I love my red rug and my pillows.
I just love this room.

Here are some shots of the kids before we started the living room "transformation".

I have no idea what Xander is doing here.

Buddy is trying desperately NOT to explode with excitement.

Isabelle is pretending to be a witch stirring her brew.
Love that girl.
Oh and look at her scar on her arm too. It has gotten so much better over the years.

So, after much excitement and oohs and aaahs over the decorations (that I add to every year the day after Halloween when I troll the clearance sales) we put our decorations up.
Let the record show that I am not much of the decorating type and I have learned that these kids don't need a lot to be thrilled. A little goes a really long way (and I am so grateful to have kids like that).

First I had to put up the lights. This was trickier than I imagined with a belly to contend with.
When I put the lights on the window by the couch I actually had to shove my belly into the window to even get up on the top of the couch and my position was so precarious that I was certain I was going to fall to my death at any moment. Which is why Isabelle chose to document the moment.

Nice swayback, I know.
And lets talk about my pants. I used to have a fab maternity clothes collection and somehow all the pants that were cute on me are gone. Sigh. But, I have about 10 pairs of gaucho and yoga pants and they work great for pregnancy and beyond so I'm cool.
Then of course we have my cool and ever present socks. People, Raynauds Disease. My tootsies just can't do cold anymore. And pink is a happy color!

This is me being super happy that I got the lights up and lived to tell the tale. Of course I still had to get down...
Here is our piano corner.
That is Jack on the piano. The kids love him.

My amazing couch window job.
The skull window.
These light up intermittently and play annoying spooky music. I deeply regret buying them last year.

The scare crow corner.

Then after the decorating fun the boys had to dress up and practice trick or treating.
I loved it.

Once more I must be grateful for the fact that my kids can turn anything into an awesome time.
These kids are the best.
And according to them our living room is very spooky.

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