Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gliding along

Sometimes during Isabelle's school Xander gets bored because his brother is at preschool and Belle can't pay attention to him.
He likes to take those moments to bundle up and go play in the yard. I tend to hover by the screen door and watch with one eye while I teach with the other because while he thinks he is a big kid, he is really still my baby and I can't not keep an eye on him.

He loves to swing set, but has never mastered the glider. Buddy loves the glider and will sit on that things forever and sing songs.
I know Xander has wanted to play on it too, but the skill set he needed him has escaped him... until now.

Look at him go!
He was so proud of himself.
And there is his happy face while he glides away.

Getting off of course was a while different story. Too bad I didn't take pictures of that.
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