Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I want your WOOL sweaters!

So, I have accomplished a BUNCH of my goals so far.

I just finished the rearranging of the bedroom today. My computer area is pretty nifty and the rest is looking good. I just need to retidy after all my moving around over the past week or so.

My quilt project is underway and thanks to all who are participating. It is going to be a hoot!

I just found the bulk of the kid's Christmas stuff so I am done enough to breathe a sigh of relief and quit stressing until Black Friday (yes I do it and it is all online. I never leave the house for stuff like that!).

But now... a new project.
I am going to make wool covers for my cloth diapers.
I'm going to need your help.
If you have any 100% wool sweaters that you are sick of, please give them to me. I can use them like this and make my covers.

It will give me something fun to do and we all know I need more fun in my life.

Okay, that is all, carry on.


  1. I'm still shocked that after experiencing the ease of pocket diapers that you want to get more difficult. : P

  2. Boogs, I don't ave any wool sweaters anymore, but go to the D.I. Wool-gather (snort) till the sheep come home.

  3. I'm confused, don't you use Fuzzibunz and the like? Why would you need soaker covers? (Not that they aren't completely adorable.)