Friday, October 15, 2010

Its Frickin' Freezin'!

So, it is getting really cold outside.
At least for me.

After a bit of a pep talk (more of a mild chewing out) by my hippy pal Heidi, I got this lovely coat out.

I'm sure you are wondering why I needed a pep talk.
Well, this beauty is called an M coat. (Feel free to look it up.)

It is basically the fanciest maternity/babywearing/regular use coat out there and I have wanted one (specifically a pink one) for a few years now.
But they retail for about $500 so... yep.

The makers of the M coat actually DONATED one as a gift to me during the babywearing conference. I was totally overwhelmed by their generosity and I love it so much. It is so very warm and pretty and comfy.

But I have been scared to do more than pet it every so often because it is so nice and expensive.
But I put it on the other day and wore it while I drove Buddy to school. Then I put it back where it won't get hurt.

Baby steps.

Oh and yes, it is so very warm.

PS. First one to tell me I have a face that is "round like egg" gets a boot in the ass. Seriously.
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