Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Guts

This was a Monday activity, though it was intended for a Friday Fun Day.

Sadly, that Friday night Isabelle decided to try her hand a eye rolling and Daddy wasn't too impressed so everyone went to bed instead of carving pumpkins. It was very sad.

But, Belle controlled her eyes Monday so hooray!

Here is Sambo cutting into this monster.
He also got all the seeds and roasted them for a snack after he was done carving.
The kids were in HEAVEN.

The kids were enthralled by pumpkin guts. I thought it was hilarious.
They chose a "zombie" pattern for the face of the pumpkin and Sam carved it out for us.

Very spooky, no?
It is out on the porch and I need to get some glow sticks to put inside it. Safer than candles.
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