Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pyro Party

This was a Daddy sponsored event for the record.

I think I've mentioned how much I camped growing up.  My grandparents had a ranch in Bone Idaho (yes, it is called Bone. Why? Because it is dry as a bone there! Duh!).
Anyhow, I spent a lot of time up there as a kid and a teen and I did love it. Truly.

But when I became a grown up I realized a few things:

1. Nothing compares to that ranch and all the commonsense rules I learned from it (ie. Don't tromp around sagebrush during the peak of tick season unless you really really want to be searching for ticks and 4 wheelers are for working, not for playing and super not for kids and finally, when you see a badger on the path in front of you, don't panic, but do choose a new direction to take and odds are that badger will do the same.).

2. I loathe communal sleeping arrangements. (But I think girls camp did that more to me than the ranch.)

3. I like toilets I can flush without needing to pour things down it.

4. Camping should only be done with people who adore you and vice versa or things are going to get lame real fast.

And reason 5 (the reason for this post): Campfire smell bugs me to death. Blech. I cannot stand campfire smell.

Sam however likes to set stuff on fire occasionally. Since he does it outside I don't complain. But I also don't tend to go stand in the smoke (blech).

This time Sam tried to entice all of us with marshmallows. The kids were hooked.
Me... hey, I went outside and stood within 20 feet upwind and took pictures.

Oh look. Buddy found a giant stick to wave around. Shocking.

Belle set her marshmallow on fire. Sam was not so much impressed, but I thought it was great. Burnt marshmallows are tasty too!

I fear I have passed on the "comfy giant tee shirt"  gene.

Sometimes I look at these two boys who really don't look much alike and laugh.
They are such good pals.
But their hair coloring contrast kills me.
I also like that boy boys are wearing their pants backwards and Buddy's shirt is backwards. He is also eating a marshmallow.

Miss gooey fingers.
Check out the head wound one day later.
And that is marshmallow he is chowing on too.

I just love this pic.
Those cowboy boots are Buddy's, but Xander pretty much commandeered them the day Buddy got them.
Oh well.

Ah yes.
These two boys can turn anything into a weapon.
And of course wood is just begging to be a weapon.

Seriously, what is up with the "Nacho Libre" smiles these boys have been doing lately?!
Could it be how much they watch that show?
(Let me be clear on the fact that I did not introduce the kids to that show mostly because I don't find it that funny. But their Daddy loves it and therefore they love it too. And watch it all. the. time.)

More roasting by the girl.
She is a pro at setting marshmallows on fire!

Proof I was outside witnessing all this.

And how I felt about the campfire smell.
My nose said, "no bueno."

The happy kids and their happy (really he was) dad.
Note that the girl child smiles for pictures like her mother does and the boy ones look very serious and stern, just like their Daddy.


Another fun time, in spite of the smell.

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