Sunday, October 10, 2010

Raking the leaves

Today after church the kids decided they wanted to rake the leaves.
Being one who never refuses slave labor, I pulled out some popcorn and sat on the porch to watch the show.

We only have the one rake so the boys would pick up small piles of leaves and dump them on the pile Isabelle was raking up.
I just like this shot of Buddy.

This smile is hilarious to me!
It reminds me of how Isabelle used to smile when she was 2.
And look at the head wound! Looks much better!

By the way, Xander chose this outfit for church today. Earlier this year Buddy was wearing it to church and now it fits X. Wow.

Also, a great moment for him today... he went to nursery and stayed there!
Sam just got a new job at church that is going to make it really hard for him to hang with Xander in nursery and we are practicing our primary program (the kids do a yearly musical program and being the music person my role is fairly important to it) and I really needed X to hang in nursery.
If the people in the nursery weren't so wonderful and caring and completely cool with my mama bear self I could not have taken him in and left. But I knew it would be okay.
It was a bit touch and go, but the people in the nursery are so sweet and I am just a few doors down and I told them to bring him to me if we was breaking eardrums with his wailing (and he did wail for a bit, I could hear him). One of the men in there played ball with him (which is always a winner with my boys) and they totally got him to simmer down and be happy in there! I am so excited about it. At the end of church when I picked him up he was having a ball and told me he wants to go back next week. That is just so thrilling for me. I don't want to force him to be without me, but I know we are reaching a point where he can do it and I can give him a nudge and he'll do well. Love that boy and love those grown ups for caring for my baby while Sam and I did our stuff.

Here is his non smile but important folding arms pose.

I love his serious face. He looks just like Charlie Brown to me.

Buddy got to hold the rake too. He really loves raking. Good thing.

As these boys get older they will be doing a LOT of yard work. In fact, I am letting it be known now that I have big plans for the boys to start a yard and garden maintenance business as they get old enough to fund their missions and college. Because lets face it, it is the only way we'll be able to pay for it!

Anyhow, once they got the big pile done I thought we would be heading inside and I would bag the leaves later on.
Turns out the kids  had big plans for this leave pile.

Jump in it and throw leaves around.

That makes sense, much more fun than actually cleaning up the leaves.
I love these kids!

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