Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things to complete before the newest Tower shows up

I'm using fall as a good excuse to get our house ready for the newest kiddo.

In other words, I am even more crazy than I usually am.

I've had some good friends ask if I needed stuff/clothes/partays and truthfully, we're pretty darn covered. I have so much baby clothing I've divided them 3 times now and given things away (and still am trying to give more away.
We cloth diaper so we're covered for the duration. Bottles only collect dust here so we don't need those.
And Sam is allergic to so many foods that freezer meals (and meals really) are going to go straight out to the trash can (yep, we all eat the same as him as much as possible--- when cheesy poofs aren't involved.)

But, I am finding new and exciting things I need to get finished.

1. I must rearrange my bedroom. I need it to be pretty and organized and it is neither of those things.
I'm not the type to have a beautiful bedroom furniture set (I can't fathom the need to spend the money, sorry), but I would like it to look better in there and be easier to tidy up.
My biggest obstacle is that we have a giant Paul Bunyan log cabin bed and Sam tells me it weighs 600 lbs (I think he is trying to scare me though) and I have tried to move it and yep, I can't do it. But, Sam and a friend or two can. And after my furniture rearranging party in the boys' room today I think he is planning to move that giant bed before I concoct a plan to do it myself. (He was not so much happy when he found me moving a twin bed around the room.
Since I think I pulled a muscle in my leg doing it he may have had a point in his cranky yelling moment. But that room looks waaaay better, so it is a draw in my opinion.)
I have other things to move in my room, but all is waiting on the bed to get out of my way. Argh.
This is probably my biggest NEED to get done.

2. Also in the bedroom, I must make the new quilt for the bed. It haunts me. But I need to pick up the fabric and I need to get the nerve to make the quilt. I am not a fancy frou frou quilting fan for the record. I don't see the point in sewing something too pretty to use. But pretty yet to the point quilts I like. I really need to get this done.

3. I need to find a dresser. I don't care how ugly it is, I can pain it up later. But if you know where I can buy a dresser for cheap (I mean $20 max cheap), drop me a line.

4. I need to finish prepping the bed for co-sleeping and I need to finish organizing baby clothes and cloth diapers. For those who think co-sleeping is weird/dangerous/a great way to spoil a baby... shooosh. I could give you all sorts of data supporting it, but I don't feel like it right now. We're happy this way as parents and to each their own, yes?

5. I need to finish Christmas shopping. This is the first time in YEARS that I have not been done by now (or done enough). I am panicking a bit on that one. It will get done thanks to the internet, but I am frustrated with myself that it isn't done yet. Ah well.

6. I need to quit worrying. If I don't have another dresser for baby clothes I'll find a different solution and it will be okay. Great even. If I don't redo my room I will live. Making the bed co-sleepable is not that hard. Quilts are a pain and the baby will probably poop on it a lot anyhow so if it isn't done I may be really happy about that. And Christmas will be wonderful no matter how many gifts everyone gets.
On top of all that, I have a ton of time. More than enough.

So, as you can see, I do need somethings... but they are things that I (or Sam and I) need to do. So what I'm saying is that for those who have asked, we really don't need more stuff at all. Please. But if you see a cheap dresser, please give me a shout. And please feel free to NOT tell me I am enormous because it is way more fun to not be told you look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man when you already feel like it.
And if you see any junk on my floor, please feel free to pick it up for me. I am totally over the whole bending at the waist thing.

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