Friday, November 5, 2010

The cloth diaper stash 2010

My friend Heidi came by today for a minute to see my quilt progress and to give me some goodies.

Bless that woman.
She gave me her old prefold cloth diaper stash because she has a new set.
They are even tie dyed!

This just saved me a hundred or so dollars and I am so thrilled!

I know, I do pocket diapers and they are awesome.
But I wanted to try the more old fashioned way of diapering for a lot of reasons, one being so I could say I tried it.
I am so giddy right now.
I just need to pick up some snappis, sew those wool covers I need and maybe pick up one or two more covers and I am good to go!


Check out my stash in all its glory tonight:

Top left to right: Newborn prefolds, the blue and green on the right are Cotton Babies Flips covers (I have 3 and I've been using them with some other prefolds I have on Xander at night and they work AWESOME) and some giant prefolds for my super soaker toddler.

Middle left to right: About half of my pocket diaper stash, already stuffed and ready to go. Some of those have been in the rotation for over 3 years and are still going strong! You only see half because the other half are in the dirty pail, hee hee. Then on the left are all my extra inserts for night time or times when I decide to double up the diaper.

Bottom left to right: Older baby tie dye prefold diapers. A ton of them! Oh and some wipes. I am debating going back to my reusable wipes. Saves me money and I liked using them. A lot.

Aren't all my diapers so pretty?

For those who ask, cloth diapering is not hard, does not take extra work, is not messy (no wet diaper pails here), isn't really gross (I have never dunked a diaper), has saved us thousands of dollars and is healthier for babies.

We love it. And with 2 kids in diapers very soon here this is going to help a lot!

Yay! Thanks Heidi! Now to complete the stash!


  1. Awesome. Wish it would have worked for me. You go momma!

  2. I am a bit jealous! I am working on convincing my hubby to go for cloth diapering. I am SO tired of spending all that money on diapers all the time. But, I have to wait till we are in our own place. My mother-in-law is not for me adding more to the laundry load. :)