Thursday, November 18, 2010

Curious George comes for a visit!

In case you didn't know, my kids are the luckiest kids in the universe.

Besides having a fantastic mom (stop laughing, I can hear it from here!) and a literal Super Hero for a dad (I quote Buddy when I say that by the way), they get all sorts of special visitors!

Just the other day Curious George came for a visit!

Look at Xander's face.
He was really excited.
And of course so was Ada. Argh. She doesn't jump up on people often, but she was pretty happy to see Curious George.

Isabelle was a little shy but she was pretty tickled.
And there is Xander's go to facial expression.

I'm sure you are wondering where Mr Edward was.
Well, he was hiding in the kitchen nearly the entire time, being rather rude in my opinion.

After Curious George left I asked him what his deal was.
He tells me, "I KNOW it isn't a real monkey, just a person in a costume!"
But then he pauses and very very solemnly says to me, "But it might be a real monkey and he might eat me."

I had to totally restrain myself from busting a gut. Mr. Tough Guy is just a bit of a chicken! He just didn't want to admit that he was scared and while I don't condone impolite behavior I had to let that one slide. I mean, he was concerned about being eaten by the giant monkey and that earns him a manners pass in my world.

But he was still thrilled with the gifts Curious George brought.
Yep, we got a visit AND gifts!

Each kid got a little packet of coloring books (which they have been hoarding ever since the visit) and a few giant coloring pages like the Dora one you see below. This Dora one has been colored and for the past few days they have been playing a game that is kind of like Alphabet Twister on it. It is hilarious.

Like I said, luckiest kids in the world. And they know it too.

(If you are wondering how we got so lucky, well lets just say Sam and I have a good friend who just happens to run the local library and just happens to have a very close relationship with Curious George and just happens to do a lot of nice things for our family that we are very grateful for. We have been blessed with some wonderful friends around these parts and we know we are the luckiest people in the world for that.)
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