Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everybody loves Osbourne

Here are a few pics I got Sunday.

The kids love their brother.
I went in the other room to make lunch and this is what I found when I got back:

I had to peel X off of his brother to take the picture and of course X refused to wear clothes. He also told me his name is "Bro" and "Bro's don't wear clothes." Okay.

I got some pics of all the kids with their baby brother.

Isabelle loves him so much and is constantly wanting to pack him around.

I'm going to find the pic, but right here Osbourne looks so much like Isabelle when she was a newborn. Kind of scary.

I love the face Oz is making here.
How do you like Xander's beat up head? You know him, climbing crap he shouldn't be climbing and injuring himself. That boy...
He loves Oz and is particularly enthralled by his tiny baby ears. Won't keep his fingers out of them!

Buddy is frustrated that he can't play catch with Oz yet.
But he still loves him.

My mummy baby.
These sleep swaddler thingys rock my world.

And of course, a babywearing pic.

what would I do without a sling? I already nursed him in it at the dr office while I filled out paperwork and impressed the nurses and I taught a few piano lessons and voice lessons while wearing him.
Don't be jealous of how fancy I look.


  1. What a sweetie. And your other kids are sweeties, too. That Belle is as beautiful as they come, Kimber. Glad you're all enjoying your early Christmas present.

  2. Those kiddopotamus swaddlers are the best!! My girls practically lived in them until 7 months!

    And that one cute family!

  3. Rejoicing his birth! Wish I could come over and chill with you guys. [Okay, not really, I'm not big on the cold white stuff... but you could come here and hang with me in the Valley of the Sun.] I look forward to meeting Oz next year!

  4. Congrats. He is beautiful and looks very much like a Tower baby. Hope Moma and Baby are both doing well.

  5. Congratulations Kimber and family! That's definately an awesome Black Friday gift. He's a cutie. I can totally see Isabelle in him, especially in that last picture of him swaddled up.