Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friday Fun Day: Happy Halloween!

Another fab Friday Fun Day.
I took advantage of the holiday events and we focused on all the free Halloween fun there was to be had.

First off we had a party for the Idaho Virtual Academy.
Sadly, the kids fought and talked back and were generally little demons, so they lost the chance to go to that. It was very sad for them.

But, they decided to change their ways in order to keep the rest of the fun times for the day. I was proud of them for doing that.

So, we got all dressed up, went and saw Sambo at work (then kidnapped him for a rare Daddy included Friday Fun Day event) and took off for the Trick or Treating at Snake River Landing in Idaho Falls.

Look at these kids!

Belle was not in love with her costume. She wanted to be a vampire.
I budgeted enough for a $5 costume for her and this is what she ended up with. Kind of a fairy, kind of a princess... not what she wanted. Shame on me. I'll do better for her next year.
X was Mr Potato Head... cost me less than $5.
Buddy was a UPS man (or as he calls it, the Christmas Package Man as we get Christmas packages year round in this house) and it also cost under $5.

They were very cute.

I layered the kids because last year was frickin' freezin'!
Then we arrived and waited for our turn.

Buddy got "Buddy Bear" at preschool for being the VIP and he insisted on bringing  him to Trick or Treat.
So Sam took care of him the entire time.

Oh yes, Sam is growing a beard again. I hate it. He doesn't care. We are at an impasse.

Sam was trying to teach "Buddy Bear" how to text.
Here is the thing about Sam and texting.
I got him a new cell phone this past week.
A nice one too. It is an Android (which is what he wanted because apparently my Blackberry isn't "fun" enough. Hello, my phone is a grown up phone!). And I wanted him to have a phone because I hate calling him on his work phone and I would like to be able to text him because it is faster and I like fast.
But he always talks about how stupid texting is and how we will not do it.
Guess who texts me all the time now?
But he says all these nice things to me when he texts me so I'm cool with it.

(Oh and don't call either of us if you can help it, only text us because I dropped our minutes super low in order to add his cell to our bill. Calling bad. Texting good! Except on the weekend. Then you can go nuts.)

He also has a lightsaber and fart application on it. Sigh.

Xander was SO ANNOYED that he had to wait.
This was the first year he really understood Halloween and he was dying.

Proof I was there. And that my face is round like a dino egg. Whatever.

After a not too long wait in line we got to the candy!

Xander was over the moon once he got the hang of the whole begging for candy thing. It was pretty hilarious.

One gal dressed as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" so I had the kids take a pic with her.
Sigh, this was the best I got.

We left triumphant.

First thing we did when we got home was our usual taxing of the Halloween candy. The kids pick 2, we pick 1 until it is all gone. Of course Xander gets double taxation because he isn't old enough to protest yet. Good times.

After this we were planning to go to the Ucon Elementary carnival. We love going to it and always have a good time. My mom got us 200 tickets(!) so we were ready to party.
Well, Xander passed out before we had even arrived so Sam took him back to bed and I continued on with the older kids.
They had so much fun.

First thing we did the fishing booth. We got great candy at it last year. They asked if we wanted the big or little fish so we said big. We shortly discovered that meant REAL fish.

Sigh. More pets.
I grabbed one for Xander too because if the older kids get something he'd better get something also.

I'm thinking Grandpa Steve taught him how to get the ball in the hole...

Getting nails painted. Belle loved this.
We  had a great time as usual and the kids won a ton of prizes. I love that carnival.

Saturday night was our church Trunk or Treat and chili cook off.
Sam worked on his chili all day. I made cornbread from scratch.

We were very excited to go trunk or treating.
First we went and saw Grandma Kim so she could spoil the kids with candy and they could show off their costumes. They were very excited about that.

Then we went to the church.

Sam took pics of the kids parade as I was wrangling kids in it. This is the only shot he had a chance to get.
Oh well.

Xander waiting to eat.
My belly.
Yes I like to wear sweaters. I get cold. Alot.

A few more pics of the kids.
They had so much fun.

After this I was at our car passing out treats (I bought bagged pretzels to pretend it was better than candy) and Sam took the kids to all the cars. We had a HUGE turnout! Very fun and everyone was just a joy to be around.

Then we hit 1 street and let the kids trick or treat before we went home. Sambo had to work of course, so that was that.

Sunday night we did the annual Towerland donuts/butt nuts give away and had fun talking to friends while forcing them to take our donuts. I made them huge this year so I could get rid of them faster. We love making our donuts from scratch, but it really is a once a year thing.

There it is. Our weekend long Friday Fun Day! It was a great time. Now lets get some Turkey and Pumpkin Pie going!

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