Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday Fun Day: Spa Day!

The kids loved this Friday Funday.
Little did they know it was my tricky way of doing housework. Mwaaaa haaa haa!

So, last week we had a spa day.
I got the foot bath out of it's cave and had the kids wear their robes (or if you are Xander, a diaper. Sigh, that kid is training to be a stripper or something) and they all got to sit with their feet in the fancy foot bath for spa day.

First, the boys got a haircut. You see, this was my way of tricking them into holding still long enough for me to shave their heads.
Then they each had to take a shower to wash off the hair. Buddy in particular views showers and specifically head washing as a fate worse than death. But this was spa day so  he was fairly pleasant about it.

(One chore down!)

Buddy went first and nearly died with joy.

While each kid got their turn in the foot bath the other kids got to soak their feet in the tub!

The tub soak was quite nice too.

Then I put "oatmeal masks" on the kids.
Of course, it was just leftovers from breakfast and only chunks stuck here and there, but the kids got a huge kick out of it so who cares?

Oh Xander. So gross.
Drinking Foot bath water.
I tried to stop him, promise!

After the foot bath we had to wash our faces and scrub the tub out.
(Hee hee, secret chore number two!)

Then the plan was to paint Isabelle's toe nails, but the boys got offended that they weren't part of the fun so I painted everyone's toes. Don't judge me, it is just nail polish and I used a way boring color.
Oooh ahhh.

Then I had to go shopping in town so we went for Ice Cream at Reeds Dairy. While they enjoyed their "spa snack" I got some items I needed including the cosleeper that finally arrived to the store I ordered it from.

Then we came home.
The kids found a giant box and decided to decorate it. Then they took turns "racing" in it.

The decorating and racing took us all the way to dinner time and it was fantastic. Another wonderful Friday Funday in the bag. I plan to repeat it next time the boys need a haircut and the tub needs a scrub!

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  1. Jack gets his toenails painted too :) Rob pretends not to notice . . .