Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday Funday November 26: Operation Best Black Friday Gift EVER

We always strive for excellence on Friday Funday. I think this week I can say with much assurity that this was a Friday we can't top.

It was also Black Friday (aka the biggest shopping day of the year and a day notorious for finding great deals on Christmas gifts so another huge day in my world).

We decided we had to combine the two and make the funnest day ever with the very best, one of a kind gift we could find.

It took some work, but this is what we came up with:

Mr. Osbourne Jefferson Tower
Born November 26th at 9:23pm
7lbs 8oz
20 inches long
Decidedly Awesome

We broke out of jail, I mean the hospital let us come home last night.
I kid about the hospital, it was a fantastic experience. Every nurse was very sweet and so supportive; from labor and delivery to recovery and nursery. Dr. Leavitt, my fantastic doctor was... words can't describe what a great ob he is. Besides being a wonderful, kind person, he knows what he is doing and this labor went very smoothly and safely because of his meticulous planning. He truly is a guy after my own heart... a fan of keeping things simple but being prepared for when simple goes sideways. Everyone should be so lucky to have an ob like him.
Really, I just can't say enough how much I loved EIRMC and every person I came in contact with.

Sam was the best as usual and took over being the boss of the day right when I needed him to take point. It is pretty great being married to someone who can do that and be your brain when you need a brain outside your own. He was pretty much the winner on Friday in my book. Couldn't have done it without him (for a multitude of reasons).

The kids had a fun day with Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve. I hear they were spoiled to pieces and got to do all their favorite things while we were gone. I also have an extremely well lit house as it appears my dad replaced all the light bulbs in my house, something I'm pretty grateful for since I'm short and haven't bothered to try to change bulbs in... oh 4 years. I get the feeling more improvements were made to the house while I was gone, but I haven't had time to explore yet. We pretty much walked in the door and straight up to bed. It was lovely. I'm so grateful to my parents for keeping the kids for so long. Took a lot of stress off of Sambo and me.

Oh, did you want to hear more about Osbourne?
Here is what I know of him so far:

His name is awesome. I know you may think it is a lot for someone so small but let me explain.
1. Due to the UNINTENTIONAL naming trend of the other kids (I, E, A) I felt compelled to use a vowel name. This wasn't set in stone, but as my other naming criteria came out it became a necessity. So, I was focused on the letter O.
2. I have wanted to name a kid after Sam for a few babies now and he always says no. Meh. So I found a roundabout way to do it that he grudgingly let me use (I think because he was impressed by my creativity... let me pretend here). Sam's call sign at work is J2, or J Two. Osbourne's initials are OJT... Officer J Two. I don't care if it is silly, I love it. He is named after Sam in the only way I could find acceptable to Sam. So there.
3. I like names that are good for nicknaming. Hence, this kid will go by Oz and Ozzy methinks. But if he becomes all fancy he can be Osbourne. And if he hates his name he can go by his middle name, Jefferson or Jeff. Or he can use initial (I don't like OJ, but JT would be great if he goes all boy band on us.
4. Since we accidentally have two kids named after the Twilight saga (Damn you Stephanie Meyers!) I had to right the universe's huge wrong and name two kids after Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so Xander and Oz it is. Two crazy kewl guys. Just like my crazy kewl guys. And the universe is able to carry on now.

So, there is his name explained in far more detail than you prolly cared to have.

More about him:
He has the sweetest little cry. Of course, Buddy had a very sweet cry once upon a time and it turned out to be a trap...
He poops like there is no tomorrow. I think it was 9 poopy diapers yesterday.
He eats like a champ. His first chow session lasted 40 minutes and he could have kept going if I hadn't decided to pace myself. I am currently dedicating the song "Baracuda" to him.
He has huge feet.
He looks like Xander at first glance, but I can see some of Buddy too.
He has black hair of course, but I am going to go out on a limb and wager that it will lighten up.

His birthday is 2 days before my birthday. Now, my birthday is 2 days before my mom's birthday. Also, now our entire family has birthday in the 20's of the month. Nifty, right?

Finally, he is wonderful. We all love him. The kids are so sweet with Oz already. He spent the night in the middle of our bed safe and sound in our cosleeper (pics later, too tired) and it was a pretty great first night. I woke up with many children in my bed staring at the baby so I think they are pleased with the early gift.

So, there you have it. I missed a lot of the online deals, but I feel like we got a pretty great gift instead.
Here are a few more pics of the boy. I'll take more once I eat and feel human again.

Obviously has the family skilz to yell when he isn't impressed with things.

Another shot.
I think these two like each other.

Oz after a nice loooooong chow session. Seriously, this kid can eat!

Now, I did not take any pics to prove I was there. The fact that Oz is in any shots is proof I was there, promise.

Alright, more later when I've had time to eat, sleep and feed a baby a few billion times. Oh and hug on my other kids. I missed them.


  1. Congratulations to the Tower family!!! And welcome to baby Osbourne :)

  2. So, remember how I had that feeling you were in labor? I was a few days early but I was close! :) hee hee! Congrats! I'm so proud of you! I just know I'm going to be begging you on my knees for advice when I have my babies! :) wish I was there! Xoxo

  3. Co sweet! Congrats, Kimber! Matt is a HUGE fan of the name choice. We love him already and can't wait to see the whole freaking Tower Family! XOXOX

  4. Well, I'll be! You did great! He's awesome! Congratulations to all of you!

  5. Congrats! I can't wait to meet him. Talked to Sam in the hall at church today and he made sure to mention that YOU named the little guy. Drew suggested the nickname "Juice" after OJ. I was really tempted to walk by the maternity wing at EIRMC on Sat and see him. (I was there visiting my sis-in law who had her galbladder out) I figured you would want your space. I'm so glad that he is a good eater. Good eaters are the best!

  6. Perfect is the only word needed here for everything you posted about!!

  7. He is beautiful Kimber!!!! So happy for you all!<3

  8. Oh, look at that sweet little boy! He is just perfect! Congratulations!!

  9. Ooooh! Congratulations! Way to go to balance that terrible unintentional Twilight referencing. I like Oz. It's nice and mellow.

  10. Oh, he is so cuddly Kimber! Way to go on catching such a great Black Friday deal. I didn't catch anything online but was up all night at the stores and had a blast! Good thing it was only 28 degrees here! Even without proof of you being there as you held him you look so comfortable. You are such a great mommy! Enjoy getting to know this new little man. Congrats!

  11. I can't even believe you have a perfect sized baby and on the day you CALLED! But I love you anyway. Enjoy those baby snuggles, nothing better in the world.

  12. Congrats you two! I was wondering how you came up with that name. Now that I know it is a perfect name for a new baby in your family. Oh the new baby days! Have fun!

  13. Congratulations, sounds like you got the best Black Friday deal of all!