Thursday, November 25, 2010

The "Great Blizzard" of 2010

I know, it was insane.
Or maybe it was like a snowstorm in Idaho.
I always get those confused.

Either way, we had a lot of fun with snow this week. Not at first because I had to go into town Monday, but since I got that out of the way we could stay snowed in the rest of the week and it was lovely.

Sam had to work and I won't lie, weather like this makes me worry for him and every other law enforcement officer out there because they go out and pull cars out of ditches and help with accidents and every so often some jerk who is driving way too fast for this weather hits one of the guys because he can't control his car. So I tend to worry (I worry more about that than other police situations truth be told. Getting hit by a car is way more likely to happen than a shooting.).

But, I digress.

On Tuesday (or was it Wednesday? Eh, the days all ran together this week) the kids wanted to play outside before the "Great Blizzard" hit. So I let them.

Here are a few pics of the great outdoors. All were taken from the warmth of the house. (I love you Raynaud's Disease!)

Oh my, Xander hated the snow. He kept saying that over and over again. "I hate the snow! I hate it!"
That kid is so my child. He was outside maybe 3 minutes. Hilarious.

Out front of the house.

Finally the weather got chilly enough that I made the other kids come int.

Now was it the scariest blizzard ever?

But it was a pretty good storm and it caught all of us by surprise. We don't usually get snow like this for at least another week or so. That was annoying.
But hey, it is pretty outside and the kids will have fun this winter in the snow. Well, not Xander, but the other two.

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