Saturday, November 6, 2010

I still love a deal...

I just got too busy to help so many strangers with finding them.

Want some proof?

Fine. Speaking just for groceries, we filled our freezer almost entirely this month. My dad gave us 40lbs of deer burger (which was a huge blessing since Sam was so busy he never got the chance to go hunting this year, sniffle) and it is gooood.
We picked up our 40lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts from Zaycon chicken today and wow. Huge and look awesome. They are also toutes as hormone and antibiotic free. And... they only cost $1.48/lb. That is pretty great.
So, the meat freezer is in good shape. The other freezer is too, but I do need to find a hot deal on butter. Soon.

Today I also found a great deal on baking chips and got 35 bags in a variety of flavors for about $50. Go ahead and sniff at that, but that means it averaged to less than $1.50 per bag. And if I had been really clever I would have bought them ALL at Albies and then it would have been even less. Sigh, live and learn.

So, yes, I still do deals. But not as aggressively as we have changed our eating habits a lot and I don't talk about them as much because I really don't have time to take on helping a ton of strangers with their groceries. Not that I haven't loved doing that, I just CAN'T anymore.

 Coming next... turkey deals, woot! I can't wait to buy some turkey!


  1. Is the turkey deal through Zaycon? I need to find me a great deal on ground turkey!

  2. If you're not too busy, I would love to hear about the turkey deals!