Thursday, November 11, 2010

Isabelle's Baptism

Holy criminy.
The day arrived.

Truth be told I am still shocked that Sam and I managed to keep the kid alive this long!
But we did, in spite of ourselves.
(I'm hoping all parents have this overwhelming feeling of "how to I take care of humans who aren't me" because if not I am woefully underqualified for this position I have in life.)

So... Belle turned 8. Last month.
In Towerland that means if the kiddo felt like it she could be baptized into our church.

For those who aren't Mo Mo like us, let me say this and know I am only speaking for our little clan: It was totally up to her. If she decided not to we would have been totally fine with it because it is her life and she can decide what she wants to do. And if one day she changes her mind... we'll still adore her. Because she is our kid and the rest are just details.

So, this was her call. And she has been bugging us for months about it. She really wanted to be baptized.

We waited a bit to do it because Sam's parents were not in the country and we had decided we should wait for them to get back.
Then it kind of snuck up on us so we just went with it.

For those who weren't there, don't sweat that. We had our parents there and our bishopric members and our primary presidency and that is it. We did not want a group, we wanted a small gathering to keep things simple. Plus we don't like asking people to go out of their way to attend things when we don't have the time or finances to travel and do the same thing in return. So there you have it.

Anyhow, Isabelle wore the very dress I was baptized in (and my sisters too).
My mom made it a bazillion years ago and it has held up beautifully.

Isn't it pretty? I have a picture like this of me standing against a similar wall and it made me happy.
And there is her super happy smile.
She was so excited.
Sam opted out of the traditional jump suit they have for men (and I am SO happy he made that call. Those jump suits flatter no one.).
What a nice looking pair.
And there is me.
So round. Ah well, I'm okay with it.
Sam wanted a pic by the font, so I obliged him.
And another.
I chuckle at the clear wall there. When I was baptized no such wall existed. Methinks a few too many kiddos decided to jump into the water too. Hee hee.

It was a nice event. There were quite a few kids being baptized so it was pretty crowded. At the last minute they needed a pianist as the scheduled one was unavailable so I was asked to play. that was pretty fun for me, I like to help out.

Here is a pic of the girl after her baptism before she was confirmed.
I think she looks adorable. But I am a bit biased.

It was a great day and she was so happy.
And I am still shocked that she is 8. This growing up nonsense has got to stop.


  1. How special that she got to wear the dress your mom made!

  2. What a cute little girl you have! I can't believe she's 8 already! I love the picture of you and her together, so sweet!

    PS, I don't think you're as big this time as you were with the last pregnancy...lucky!