Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keeping busy: The great quilt attempt of 2010 Part 1

I am keeping busy for the next many moons so I don't get all impatient and annoyed that I don't have a baby to hold yet.

I have rearranged my bedroom, washed baby clothes, nearly finished Christmas shopping, rearranged other rooms, made a plan for the new cloth diapering stash (I still love pocket diapers, I just want to try something new honestly)... I have reached the point where it is time to start the big project.
The scary project.

Making a quilt for the bed.

Remember, we don't have a crib and baby boy will be in our bed with us. Once again, we are very cautious parents and have safe co sleeping supplies so fear not and marvel later (I plan to go into great detail about co sleeping at a later date).
So I wanted to make our bed pretty for the new baby. Plus our comforter is falling apart.

I've been getting some guff over not doing a baby shower.
(I'll touch on this briefly. I've never had one and I see no point in messing up my perfect record now. Plus I don't want one, seriously. And I have so much stuff I don't even know what I would do with more baby stuff. Please, no more baby stuff! We have so much I keep giving things away!)

This is my way of including people who want to be included in my baby preparing process.

I invited some friends and family to send me a scrap of fabric or two from their collection.
I am using plum color as my base and all the rich happy earth tones around it. Or happy pastels. If it will look good around plum I dig it. I'm not picky, the more varied the better.

So pieces started to arrive the other day.

From Drew.
My friend Erin.
My local pal Julie

I took these pieces and added them to what I had already.
I sewed up a bunch over the last few days and tossed them together just to see how big it was getting and for funsies.

This is not a pattern I plan to use yet, but it was fun to lay tings down to see. Plus this is on an 8x5 rug so I can see that it is getting big.
I know.

Not the frou frou fancy quilts you are prolly used to seeing. Truth be told I hate quilts like that. Sure they are lovely, but who could sleep on something that fancy? Or let the baby barf on it? I want something homey, original and able to stand kids and the abuse they will pour on it. So I am doing a more... less structured quilt. I have no pattern and no idea as to how it will turn out.
But I have confidence I can do this and it will be worth it. And even if it is ugly, it is just for our bed, no big deal!

This project is nowhere near done, but it is getting interesting. My friend Heidi is a super quilter and she has offered to safe me from myself and help me get this done right.
I want to hand tie it I think and I have the frame to do so. I may keep pieces for making pillow cases too.

This is going to be a fun project that should keep me busy for a very long time.

I will post more pics as I get more pieces and as this project progresses.

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