Monday, November 15, 2010

Keeping busy: The great quilt attempt of 2010 Part 2

I got a good chunk of the quilt done today.
(If you missed the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.)
I've been dancing around it for a week now and I decided to quit being a baby and just sew. And if it ended poorly I'd just have a bonfire.

Sometimes the only thing to do is to dive in.

This took me about an hour and a half and while I am not finished, this is a lot of it.
This is the top of the quilt.

I placed it over the top of the current comforter so I could see how close I was in size.
I am thinking I will take something pretty and sew it around all the edges to finish off the top and make it the size I want. But it is very very close.

My friend Heidi loaned me a book on primitive quilts and I looked through it, got overwhelmed, looked again and realized the entire gist of the book was to do whatever felt fun when you made a quilt.
So my method was to lay things down almost in a pattern and then be satisfied with where things landed.
I refused to over think and for the most past I feel great about it.

Another view of the side.
I kept a lot of triangles back for the pillow cases I need to make for decoration.

I love the contrast of the big pieces with the little.

Just another view.

I'm not done, but I leapt over another hurdle. Well, waddled at least.
It wasn't pretty sewing up there, I'll be honest. I just sat on the floor and sewed from there because the  up and down was getting to me.
I'm pleased with the look so far. I am hopeful that this is going to turn out really nice!

Stay tuned for part 3... (whenever I get the nerve to actually DO part 3!)

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