Friday, November 5, 2010

A mini quilt project to prep me for the BIG ONE

I've been working hard on my big quilt. More scraps from people have been arriving along with some little trinkets for the baby (you know who you are and thank you, I am so tickled).

But, I am too chicken to do much more than just make my pieces on my big quilt.

And today I was feeling very blah and so I decided to do a project to perk myself up.
So I took a bunch of scraps that I had lying around that didn't go with my big quilt and I made a scrap quilt out of them just to see if I could do it.

Took me about 3ish hours and it isn't perfect, but I am okay with it.

Here it is:

While there are some imperfections, I learned from the project and it was fun to do. Plus now baby boy here will have a few more blankies just for him.

I also whipped up this changing pad some time ago and I don't think I shared:

Lest ye think I'm all about Cammo... this is from a flat sheet off a bed that I have been using for projects. We don't put flat sheets on our beds so I use them to sew.

Aaaah... more projects done. I love projects. And I love finishing them in a day.

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