Thursday, November 25, 2010

Putting up the Christmas Tree 2010

As is our tradition; we put up the Christmas tree and decorations today.
Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year for a lot of reasons. Food, my birthday, Sam being home, the online deals... but one of the biggest reasons is because we always put up our tree after dinner.

It was a bit odd this year because Sam just went right to it and usually he tries to talk me out of it and I have to pout. It was mildly disconcerting to not dance that dance this year.  But I won't complain!

The kids played with nativity sets while Sam assembled our tree.

Buddy found the penguin that makes loud annoying noises when you drop him. Yay!

I love my dog.
Proof I was there. And oh so pretty.

Yes. So very pretty. I like Belle in the background looking at her insane mother who has given up on any shot at a flattering photograph.
Here June is messing with Ada. Acting all nice and then she would just box that dog. Our cat is evil.

Xander was in a weird place emotionally today and kept licking every Christmas ornament. I won't lie, it was worrisome.

Sambo and X finishing the tree. Yes Xander did lick it. I know.

My pretty girl with her trendy outfit. She dressed like her mother and I love it. Sweats!

At one point the kids were all sitting and being cute. So I attempted a pic of the three of them.
That totally worked out.
Best shot I got.

Sigh. I give up.
Oh! Here is our tree. I love it. Now I need to toss everything under it! But the present wrapping is an adventure for another week!

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  1. I love how you posted this near midnight. Doing some Black Friday shopping in your pjs tonight? Me too!