Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thanksgiving Miracle 2010

You would think I would get tired of this, but I never do. I look forward to this particular miracle every year. It reminds me that someone upstairs has a sense of humor (and maybe likes me a bit) and that my house truly is magical.

CLICK HERE to read all about the miracle.

How it went down this year:

Last night I had a good heart to heart with God and just said it flat out: Please give me my double ovens tomorrow. I don't NEED it, but it sure means a lot to me.

Sometimes I want to keep things short and sweet.

So this morning I rolled out of bed and on a whim and tripped all the kitchen breakers. Why? Because for the past few months when my top oven does decide to work I will turn it on and a few minutes into warming up it triggers an error alarm on the oven and it stops working. I have been fretting over this for awhile. But at 3am when I was wide awake I thought of tripping the breaker.

So I did.

Oh well, I know how the oven works so I went along with the morning.

And then Sam comes down and asks if the Miracle has happened yet so I can bake him a plum pie. I said no.
So he looks at the oven, balls up a fist and gives that thing a "love tap".

And there it is. Monitor lights come on, he turns on the oven, flips the dial to 350 and the oven warms up. No error alarm, just wonderful baking goodness.

I am baking a pie in there right now. Not his plum pie, but that is next.

There are so many reasons I adore Thanksgiving. The yearly Miracle is at the top of my list.

Hope you have a great holiday. We will.


  1. I love that Sam had to punch the miracle in the head. Literally, I'm laughing out loud here. Hope you had a blessed day!

  2. I love, love, love the Thanksgiving miracle. It is fully awesome.