Thursday, November 18, 2010

These boots are not made for walkin'

Because newborns can't walk. At least none that I have seen.

Funny story about how truly blonde I am... I have spent weeks looking for multiple boxes of baby socks, shoes and bibs that I thought I had lying around here. I searched everywhere and have been totally stumped.
But I found all of them.

I gave them away to several people over a year ago! Ha!

(No I don't want any of them back, I am just relieved that I figured out what happened to all of them. I thought I was losing it.)

This gave me a perfect excuse to attempt something I failed miserably at nearly 3 years ago: making baby booties.

You see, I tried doing this before Xander was born and I ended up just failing miserably.

But this time I was going to rock at it.

So, someone gave me a nifty tutorial for how to make booties.
CLICK HERE to see!

It is a darling tute! But I didn't have any felt lying around and I loathe tying baby shoes with ribbon.
So, I did the logical thing and decided to tweak the design to what I wanted.

I have mountains of fleece so I pulled it out and went for it.
Here is my first attempt:

Not bad.
But not great either.
I put elastic inside to tighten them up and it made thing look less than awesome to me.
I made a few more and had the same result. These are all good enough booties mind you, but not quite what I wanted.

So I was stewing over it last night and had my "aha" moment. I decided to just reverse the construction order and that would make all happy!

So I tried it this morning and it worked!
I did one with elastic and while it was better I still was pretty "eh" about the elastic.

The next one I made I forgot to put in the elastic and I was getting rather upset until I realized that fleece is a "sticky" fabric. Baby socks stick to it as do pants and leggings. Babies don't need shoes that will stay on while they crawl about or run a marathon (newborns people, newborns!). They need foot coverings. And these foot coverings are just fine without the elastic (I think, won't know until I find a newborn to try them on.)

I feel pretty good about it. I even took some pics to show you what I did that is different from that tutorial.

Here is the pattern pieces. I did contrasting fabric to make it easier to see.

Each bootie has 3 pieces.

This is where I differ.
I pin on the heel part first and sew it on .

Then I sew on the top part. I use a zig zag stitch because I can.

Then I am DONE.
I think they are adorable!
I left the edges more raw because fleece won't fray and I like the more rustic look of the booties this way.
These won't be tight on a baby's foot, but I am pretty confident they will stay on as well as any baby booties do (and lets face it, those puppies never stay on.)

A side show of one of them.
I used a lovely sage green thread with this grey booties and you can't tell in the pic, but it looks way nice.

One last shot of the booties I made tonight. I have a few more, but these were my favorites.
I have a ton of fleece around here and while some is going to pants for night time diapers (like the wool pants) I have so many scraps just the right size for booties.

Now here is hoping they work they way I predict they will! Either way they are cute!

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  1. Cute!
    I have made these in the past but I do the top 'backwards' (the sides overlap the top and elastic runs through the whole back of the shoe, couldn't tell if yours did that) and then when you are finished you turn them right side out so all the raw edges are inside. It is the same way the leather soft soled shoes are made (many of them). I made a couple out of fleece (so nice to work with) and like 4-5 leather (not so nice to work with). Thrace has actually been wearing some of the leather ones, and I made them like 6 yrs ago, LOL!! I had planned to make more, but I have also been saying that for years . . . we'll see. Your way looks easier to make though. Let me know how they work when baby comes!