Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Raynaud's Disease is awesome during a snow storm (and blizzard warning)

Really it is.

I tell anyone who asks that if you are going to have a disease you WANT Raynaud's Disease (note phenomena, disease).

Well because it won't kill you and for the most part it is just irritating when you have an episode. But it is so easy to control. 1. Avoid the cold and 2. Avoid stress

(And now we all laugh together because that sounds totally doable for a cop's wife in Idaho.)

But really, if I had to pick a disease, this is the one I'd pick.

Here is an example of why:

I had to run into town today. I didn't want to (wow the roads are bad and we have a blizzard warning tomorrow!) I HAD to. And it was so snowy and yucky out there.

So Sambo (who does not like it when I have a Raynaud's episode) came home and shoveled out our driveway, warmed up Angelina the minivan and backed it up so I could go from house to van quickly; all while nursing an injured arm from a tumble he took the other day (stupid crap weather).

We've been married a long time and this is the first winter he has jumped to make sure the snow is shoveled. And I know how much he hates shoveling the snow! Takes him forever, he is all sweaty when he is done... and in the past we just drive the cars back and forth in the driveway and pack down the snow. Because we are fancy like that.

 (Yes, I know we need a snow blower. We have one but it hasn't worked in a few years so I took it in hoping the repair people can make it go vroom. Poor Sam needs something to make his job easier.)

But this winter now that I'm all Raynaud's-ey Sam refuses to let me go out in the snow and he insists on shoveling.

It is very sweet of him.
And I got out of the house and was warm which was really nice for my white knuckled drive.

I have a sweet husband.
And a disease with some cool perks.
Always a silver lining!

As for our blizzard tomorrow; the kids and I will be staying home and doing all sorts of fun projects. Because there is no way I'm driving anywhere unless I absolutely must. I have a ton of food in the house people so I think we will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. I will be thinking of your husband today and all the other poor emergency personnel that have to go out and deal with the emergencies caused by people who should have stayed home. Good luck!

  2. You drive your car up and down the driveway, too?? Hahaha! That rocks. Let's rock together. Except it's hard to do that with 3 foot snow drifts. Eeek!