Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wool longies (for cloth diapers)

I finally got up the nerve to carve into a wool sweater tonight and whip up a pair of wool pants for the new baby.

Here is an old beautiful sweater of Sam's. I have sacrificed it to the diaper gods and I'm hoping to get another cover or so out of it!

After an hour of fretting over what I was about to do I finally just ate the sword (seriously I love Cougar Town... funniest show ever!) and made the pants.
20 minutes later...

Yay! I did it! 
Of course I didn't do it perfect, but the baby won't care. And if he does it will be a few months before he can say so, hee hee.

This was crazy easy and I need to go to DI and get more sweaters so I can make a ton more!

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