Monday, December 20, 2010

Babywearing adventures: Front torso carry

Something about us babywearers: We love to experiment.

So, when my friend Susie posted directions for a shoulderless carry with a wrap I was intrigued.
This was my first attempt.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
And yes, those sweat are so very flattering.

This was after I adjusted it. I adjusted lower than I should have. I've done this carry a few times since and I always wear it much higher now. But Ozzy was happy so it was okay.

Close up of the sleeping boy. Also, I'm wearing one of my tee shirts from the babywearing conference.
We blame, I mean credit the conference for Oz's existence. There is a trend with the conferences that pretty much all the organizers get pregnant while planning the conference. Let's see: Angela had a little baby so she was safe (but still, little baby!), Natalie had a baby right after the conference, Heidi had one a few months later, I just had Ozzy and Marie is having another little guy this spring. We also managed to snag our keynote speaker Kelley Mason too! And of course we had Kristi Hayes-Devlin who had darling Alice a few weeks after flying here to teach, not to mention Darien Wilson who I love and who is due so soon.
Love those ladies.
There you have it, the babywearing conference curse/blessing.
Can't wait to see who gets pregnant in San Diego next year and D.C. in 2011.

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