Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Brothers and Sister with 1 week old Osbourne

Thought I'd go over how each kid is reacting to the newest Tower child.

Buddy is struggling a bit. He feels a little lost and while he is so sweet with Oz, he has made a lot of comments about how baby brother is taking all of my time. Poor boy.

Xander was the kid I worried most about. Very silly of me. He loves baby brother and won't stop kissing him. Or sticking his finger in his ear. He is obsessed with Oz's "tiny" ears.

Belle is her usual mothering self. She wants to hold him constantly and is always checking on him and loving on him. Downside: I have to constantly keep her on task with school and whatnot because she wants to be with the baby. Upside: I let her do reading time next to him and she reads for hours.

Overall the kids are adjusting to their new brother really well for each of their personalities.
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