Monday, December 20, 2010

Binky Boy!

This is very exciting for me.
I feel quite confident that Osbourne is a binky baby.
Isabelle was a binky baby and so was Edward.
But X... oh my. He loathed those things.
The only pacifier for him was mama. I was okay with that for the most part. But there comes a moment when you are tired of being a chew toy. I had those moments with Xander and occasionally wished I could give him a binky.

So I was really hoping Oz would like the binky.
Truth be told I'm not sure he adores it. But he is accepting it and that works for me.

I totally love his facial expression whenever I hand him a binky. He looks like he is just not too sure about the binky thing.

Here's hoping he'll continue to accept a binky every so often.

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