Monday, December 20, 2010

Edward's Christmas Preschool Program

As I write this I am listening to Buddy throw the world's biggest tantrum.
Isabelle won't give him something that he wants (and doesn't need) so he is WAILING. This has been going on a good 10 minutes.
A few minutes ago Belle calmly walked to the playroom door (where he is weeping as loud as he can) and calmly said, "your crying is giving all of us a headache so I'm going to shut the door. Love you."
Hee hee. Good girl. We'll see how much longer he keeps this up before he decides to try a new tactic

Buddy had a preschool program last week. It was great.
No surprise there. Buddy has the most wonderful preschool teacher and everything she does is really well done.
Buddy has loved preschool so much. He looks forward to it every day and actually does things like clean rooms, eat food and put on... clothes in order to go to school.

We got there a few minutes early so we could get a seat off to the side. I didn't want to surround the baby with people if I could help it. It was a long wait.

Xander is perfectly describing the mood of our entire family while we waited for the program to begin.
Oh and sorry in advance for the crappy pictures. I need to learn how to use my camera.

Look at the smile on Buddy's face. That is him all the time at school. 

At the end of the program Santa showed up!
Yet another weird picture of Buddy smiling

Santa, the boy and his teacher Mrs. Thompson.

We simply adore her. Belle loved her, Buddy loves her and in a few years Xander and Oz will too.

A marginally better smile.

This was Oz the entire time. wrapped up on me snoozing. Loved it.

Sam waited in like to meet Santa with X and Belle.
He was beating on X in this pic. They had been wrestling in the line and it was hilarious.

There is my girl.
Oh dear. That smile. I remember when Belle would do the exact same smile and it drove me crazy.
Now it returns. Groovy.

So, Belle knows the truth about Santa (an adult up and told her a year or so back and I'm still displeased that someone ruined the magic for us a few years too soon) and she told me she was too old for Santa, but there we bags of candy for everyone who sat on Santa's lap so... yep.
I don't blame her. Hell, I wanted a bag of candy and debated cutting in line for my turn to sit and get my treat. But I decided against it. Sigh.

It was a great program and Buddy sang his little heart out. I am so happy we put him in this preschool.

Oh and how is the tantrum going? Well he has moved to lecturing me about how we don't need toys, we need our family. Somehow this argument is supposed to move me to taking the toy he wants from his siblings and giving it to him. Wow, he has gone to a lecture about religion. This may be the best illogical argument I've ever heard. Wish I had the camera to record this. Better go before he starts a cult in the playroom.

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